Black And Decker Leaf Blower LSW20 Review – How Do They Work?

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Depending on where you live you may be familiar with Fall, the time of year where your lawn, sidewalk, or favorite field is covered in leaves. Usually, leaves are fine and add beauty to scenery, but they can be slippery, can hide pests, and can smell terrible when they decompose in large clumps.

Leaf blowers can help you get rid of large quantities of leaves pretty quickly. The Black and Decker line of leaf blowers are state of the art leaf blowers that can help you remove leaves and other debris for many surfaces. Patios, decks, drives, garages, and fields are all terrains that the Black and Decker Leaf blowers can handle with ease.

What Are Black and Decker Leaf Blowers and How Do They Work?

Black and Decker Leaf blowers are mostly flat surface leaf blowers that are powered by lithium ion batteries. The LSW20 is one of the most common Black and Decker Leaf blowers with a 20-volt Max lithium ion battery. Some Black and Decker Leaf blowers work better on flat terrain than on grass.

Black and Decker leaf blowers are notorious for their ergonomic design that allows the user to easily handle the leaf blower without twisting their wrist. Some of the sweepers are cordless, using the built in lithium ion battery to maintain a charge. The built in 20-volt battery helps keep things quiet by not requiring a massive amount of energy to power the leaf blower.

Another impressive spec on the Black and Decker LSW20 leaf blower is that it only weighs 3.7 pounds. Combining this fact with the fact that the leaf blower is cordless shows that LSW20 is a very portable leaf blower. Say goodbye to daisy chained cords and overwhelmingly large leaf blowers!

The Black and Decker LSW20 is one of the best leaf blowers on the market to get up leaves and debris in a variety of conditions. The LSW20 features a built in scrapper that makes scraping up sticky or wet debris a lot easier. Combine this feature with the powerful blowing capabilities of the LSW20 and you have a powerful leaf blower that can overcome numerous flat surface challenges.

Manufacturer History

Black and Decker is a manufacturing company known for developing exceptional power tools, accessories, and home improvement technology. The company was created in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker. The pairs first invention together was the portable electric drill. This was created in 1917 by combining a pistol grip and a trigger switch. The portable electric drill would be the first among many patents obtained by Black and Decker.

Throughout the years Black and Decker would go on to receive numerous awards and recognition for the tools that they created. One of the most prestigious of these awards was the companies’ induction into the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame for making strides in the development of cordless power tool technology. Black and Decker also contributed to NASA’s Gemini and Apollo programs.

In fact, Black and Decker’s contribution to NASA created the first cordless power tool in 1961. Black and Decker designed a a zero-impact wrench for NASA’s Gemini project. This tool would spin bolts in zero gravity without spinning the astronaut using the tool! Black and Decker developed a cordless rotary hammer drill that was used to rock samples from the moon. Black and Decker have a record of creating energy efficient, well designed tools that are easy to use and can work in a variety of terrains.

What Makes the Black and Decker LSW20 Leaf Blower Unique?

Right out of the gate, one of the most unique factors of the Black and Decker LSW20 is its portability. With most leaf blowers you have to worry about tripping over cords, or finding a way to connect multiple cords to reach the area you are trying to clean. The LSW20’s internal battery allows for a cordless experience that is sure to make blowing debris off of flat surfaces an easier process.

The LSW20 is designed by Black and Decker a company that got its experience designing power tools that could be used efficiently in space. The LSW20 comes with that same build quality in mind, providing a usable and accessible tool that has few rivals.


There are a few different configurations that you can purchase the Black and Decker Leaf blower in. Some of the black and decker leaf blowers come with chargers to connect to your leaf blower while others provide you with a stronger voltage. Here are the following different types of settings you can see on a Black and Decker Leaf blower:

  • Voltage
  • Charger
  • Different Airflow Speed
  • Cord vs Cordless

The LSW20 has a Lithium ion 20 battery, and comes with a smart charger. It is a cordless configuration that blows air at around 130 MPH. 

Public Perception of The Black and Decker LSW20 Leaf Blower

One comment that continuously appears when referring to the LSW20 line of Black and Decker leaf blowers is the usability of the leaf blower itself. People appreciate the maintainable speed of 130 MPH and the cordless option for a leaf blower that the LWS20 provides. People also find this leaf blower quite light compared to other leaf blowers on the market.

As a slight negative, many buyers of this device not that it has a tendency to blow around dust in multiple directions. People recommend you vacuum any space that you use this leaf blower in to get up the excess dust that it will kick up.

There is a bit of a debate over whether or not the 15 to 30-minute battery charge on the LSW20 is acceptable unacceptable. Some folks feel that the time limit is adequate, usually allowing them to clean the spaces they need to clean within that time limit. Other folks are frustrated when they try to clean larger spaces and the leaf blower dies on them. We think it is important to know how large of a space you plan on cleaning before purchasing this product.

Lastly, there also seems to be a discrepancy as to whether or not this product should be classified as a blower or sweeper. Some folks are happy with the quantity of leaves or debris they can blow away. We found these folks once again have smaller spaces. When people try to blow away piles of leaves after winter, or during fall when the leaves are heavier, they are noticeably frustrated when this product cannot blow all of those leaves away. The LSW20 appears to only be useful when blowing lighter leaves and debris.

How The Black and Decker LWS20 Leaf Blower Compares to Other Products

The Black and Decker LWS20 Leaf Blower is a lightweight leaf blower that is meant for smaller, quick sessions of cleaning debris from flat surfaces. You may be looking for a leaf blower that is a bit more powerful. If so you may want to consider alternatives to the Black and Decker LWS20. The following products are competitors we think provide quality leaf blowers for a variety of situations.

Troy-Bilt TB2BV

One of the most unique specs on the Troy-Bilt TB2BV is that it comes with a vacuum. Most leaf blowers do not come with a vacuum attachment. The addition of the vacuum attachment affords the person using the device another way to deal with yard clean-up tasks. As we mentioned before, gone are the days of having to sweep leaves into a shovel then into a garbage can. With the vacuum, you can save a large amount of time in the yard cleaning process.

Another unique factor of this leaf blower is the ability to add the Troy-Bilt Jump Start Electric Engine Starter. This inexpensive add-on allows the user to simply push a button to turn on the TB2BV leaf blower instead of having to pull a cord. This makes getting to yard cleaning that much easier

Compared to the Black and Decker LWS20 Leaf Blower, the Troy-Bilt leaf blower is much more powerful leaf blower able to blow debris at 150 MPH. You will definitely notice the power of the TB2BV compared to the Black and Decker LWS20.


Hitachi RB24EAP

Hitachi is known for developing state of the art “muscle relaxers” commonly used as vibrators. This technology actually fits quite well in the home garden leaf blowing space. The Hitachi RB24EAP is a gas-powered leaf blower that pushes leaves at 170 mph. It is slightly more powerful than the TB2BV by around 20mph.

In terms of usability, the Hitachi RB24EAP weighs a bit more than the Troy-Bilt TB2BV coming in at 8.6 pounds. While the Hitachi RB24EAP succeeds in terms of air pushing power, it fails in loudness. This leaf blower blows at around 96.6 decibels. This is louder than some lawn mowers. Because of this, you may have to consider when you are going to blow leaves if you have neighbors who are frustrated by loud noises.

We recommend the Hitachi RB24EAP over the TB2BV if you want a somewhat lightweight gas powered leaf blower that can blow leaves at a high rate of speed. If you aren’t concerned about a high rate of speed, then the Troy-Bilt TBVB2 is the better option.

What We Think

We think the Black and Decker LWS20 Leaf Blower is a lightweight, easy to use leaf blower with a small environmental footprint. The 15 to 30-minute charge on the battery may be a deterrent to some, but we think this is an adequate amount of time to clean small spaces, say a garage floor, or blowing debris off of the sidewalk.

We think the money you will save from constantly having to refill gas is a benefit to purchasing an electric leaf blower over a gas leaf blower. The 130 MPH blow speed is easy to handle, and won’t disturb your neighbors or cause too much noise.

We are also a fan of the ergonomic design included on the Black and Decker LWS20. The grip is meant to absorb shock from prolonged usages, a feature that we think is useful for making the debris blowing experience as simple and painless as possible.

Coupons and Deals

You can usually find products like the Black and Decker LWS20 for purchase from Amazon Prime’s warehouses. However, this currently does not seem to be an option as Amazon redirects buyers of this product to other retailers that sell this product.

If you are looking for a way to save money, you could try purchasing the Black and Decker LWS20 on either craigslist or eBay. As a rule of thumb buying hardware second hand could come with risks, such as an expired warranty. Always be careful when buying hardware second hand.


The Black and Decker LWS20 leaf blower is a lightweight portable leaf blower with enough power to clean small spaces. This leaf blower specializes in cleaning small amounts of debris, and runs off of a lithium ion battery. The LWS20 is also cordless, preventing the need for buyers of this leaf blower to fumble with cords.

With an ergonomic design meant to pick up shock, and a low level of noise, it is easy to recommend the Black and Decker LWS20 leaf blower for personal and home use. The $69 price tag is generous as most electric cordless leaf blowers are a bit more expensive.

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