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The Best Brush Cutters Reviews And Guide That You Need To Learn Now

The Best Brush Cutters Reviews And Guide That You Need To Learn Now

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A brush cutter is the heavy-duty version of a weed eater. It uses a blade at the end of a long motorized shaft for clearing away thick brush and undergrowth as opposed to just cutting grass and weeds. If you have thick brush in your yard, the only thing to do the trick is not a weed eater but the best brush cutter.

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How to Choose the Top Brush Cutter

If you have overgrown foliage such as woody or thick grasses, brambles, or nettles in the area, it can be a good idea to find the best brush cutter. You might try using a string trimmer although you will probably run out of power before you even make significant progress in your task.

Cutting through dense undergrowth requires more power than string trimmers can provide. Instead of renting a brush cutter or hiring a contractor to get rid of the undergrowth, you can consider buying your own brush cutter and have it available when you need to use it.

Things to consider when buying a Brush Cutter

Making the right decision with regards to brush cutters can be sometimes challenging since there are many different types and other different factors to take into consideration. When searching for the best brush cutter, you need to know some details before making the selection.

It is important to choose a brush cutter that is durable and capable of lasting for a long time to come. The purpose of a brush cutter is to simplify an otherwise difficult task. To make the right decision with regards to brush cutters, here are 5 important considerations.

1. Weight

You will be carrying the brush cutter all over your farm, yard, or other property. If your property has some steep parts, it can be challenging to hold a massive piece of equipment such as a brush cutter at a steep angle.

It is important to ensure that you are able to hold the weight for extended periods. Most brush cutters are usually around the same weight (approximately 10 pounds). However, if you have two competing options, choose the one that weighs less. Your arms will appreciate even just a few less pounds.

2. Engine Type

If you have used a brush cutter or weed eater before, you probably understand that there are basically two types of engines: 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines.

The 2-stroke engines are the most common variety but require mixing oil and gas together. However, they are usually lighter in terms of weight and are not nearly as large as the 4-stroke engine brush cutters. The 2-stroke brush cutters are also quite powerful since they have fewer moving parts. They are also quite reliable.

The 4-stroke engines run on gasoline only, which is the same type of fuel used in lawnmowers, which makes it quite convenient. 4-stroke engines are also environmentally friendly since they produce close to 70 percent lower emissions. They also vibrate less during operation. However, 4-stroke engine brush cutters are much heavier than the 2-stroke variety and it can be difficult to carry them for extended periods. However, they do cost more than 2-stroke engine brush cutters.

3. Different Shafts

If you are looking to buy a new brush cutter, you will realize that there are usually two separate shafts: curved and straight. The difference between the two is not necessarily significant, but some people do have a preference.

Curved shafts are usually much easier to carry for extended periods and are more comfortable. They are also lighter in terms of weight.

Straight shafts are however the most common choice for brush cutters. Straight shaft brush cutters might not be as comfortable over time, but they do have the advantage of precision and flexibility. If you are cutting brush in curved areas or near buildings, the straight shaft brush cutters are your best bet.

BrushCutter reviews of 2017

4. Quick Change Heads

A prevailing trend in the brush cutter market is quick change heads. However, it is advisable to avoid such since they can be rather frustrating to use.

Replacing the cutting element might take time, but it is well worth it. It just takes a few minutes to change a quad or tri-blade.

The time is worth less frustration.

5. One or Two Handed Operation

Brush cutters typically come with either a single handle or two handles. The two handed variety is known as bulbar or bull horns and resemble bicycle handles. The 2-handed brush cutters are intended to be used with a harness.

1-handed brush cutters might be relatively easier to use, but have some safety concerns. The side to side motion of brush cutters requires two hands to make it easier.

The Top 5 Brush Cutter Reviews Of 2017

1. Tanaka TCG24EASSLP 21.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Brush Cutter

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The Tanaka TCG is an amazing brush cutter with a 21.1 cc 2-stroke engine that provides sufficient power to get the work done. It also features a patented S-Start starting system that reduces the power required to start it by up to 50 percent, which means that it is much easier to start.

Once started, the steel shaft ensures that vibrations are kept to a minimum and the maximum possible power is transferred to the cutting head, thanks to the in-built anti-vibration system. Tanaka TCG weighs just about 9 pounds, which makes is quite lightweight and easy to use for extended periods.

The Tanaka TCG comes with an impressive 60-inch-long shaft, which means that you will never have to strain your back while using it. The TCG is also CARB compliant, which means that it is considered environmentally-friendly especially when compared to other models of brush cutters. It also has great fuel economy. It also comes with an impressive 7-year consumer warranty.


  • Powerful Engine
  • Minimal Vibrations
  • Impressive 7 Year Consumer Warranty
  • Long Shaft for Easier Operation
  • Lightweight
  • CARB-Compliant
  • Great Fuel Economy


  • Small Debris Guard

2. Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter, 42.6cc

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The Blue Max 52623 is a two-in-one tool that you can use to trim or edge your garden or lawn for professional-looking results. If you would like to cut heavier brush, weeds, and similar vegetation, you can effortlessly replace the string trimmer head with a heavy-duty 10-inch brush cutter blade that can cut through vegetation with a thickness of up to one inch.

The Blue Max 52623 features a 2-stroke 42.6cc engine and an EZ start recoil system guaranteed to perform exceptionally well even under the most extreme conditions. It also features a balanced anti-vibration handle made of aluminum that ensures minimum fatigue and maximum control. However, it weighs about 21.6 pounds, which makes it the heaviest model on this list and one of the heaviest in the market.


  • Powerful Engine Designed For Cutting Through Extreme Ground Cover
  • Anti-Vibration Handles for Increased Comfort and Stability
  • EZ Start System for Easy Starts
  • 3-Prong Brush Cutter Blade that Cuts up to 1-Inch-Thick Vegetation


  • It is quite heavy

3. Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter with JumpStart Technology

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The Troy-Bilt TB42 is the tool you need for cutting down dense brush with little effort. One of the best features about it is that it has a detachable engine and can be used for powering 10 other attachments such as a pole saw and an edger. The attachments are sold separately but it is still a unique feature.

The Troy-Bilt TB42 has a 27cc 2-Cycle full crank engine that produces minimal vibration and built for longevity. It features JumpStart Technology that allows users to initiate the motor without actually pulling the cord. The SpringAssist feature also makes it much easier to pull the string.

The Troy-Bilt TB42 also features a straight shaft, which is great for bushes and shrubs. It comes with a 4-tip steel blade capable of handling thick brush. However, it weighs about 14 pounds although it has a shoulder strap for easier transportation. Still, it is uncomfortable to use for extended periods.


  • Detachable Engine
  • Powerful Engine Built for Longevity
  • JumpStart Technology for Easier Initiation of Motor
  • Shoulder Strap for Easy Carrying
  • 4-Tip Steel Blade that can Handle Thick Brush


  • It is Heavy to Use Especially Over Long Periods

4. Remington RM 2700 Ranchero 2-Cycle 27cc Brush Cutter

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The Remington RM 2700 is a versatile cutter capable of whipping through even the thickest weeds and grass thanks to its powerful engine. It also features a strong steel blade that cuts through just about anything that gets in its way. The Remington RM 2700 uses Quick Start technology for easier and smoother pull starts.

The Remington Ranchero is attachment-ready and can easily convert into a string trimmer courtesy of the attachable bump head included in the box. It can also turn into a cultivator, hedge trimmer, blower, cultivator, and more since it accepts attachments, which are sold separately. It weighs about 14 pounds and has a shoulder strap for easier operation and even distribution of the weight.


  • Powerful Engine
  • Multiple Attachments for Different Tasks
  • It has a Supportive Shoulder Strap
  • Quick Start Technology for Easier and Smoother Pull Starts
  • Powerful Steel Blade That Can Cut Through Different Types of Vegetation


  • It is Heavy
  • It can be Hard to Change Out Attachments

5. Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brush Cutter

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Husqvarna is a trusted brand when it comes to quality products and the Husqvarna 336FR is no different. The Husqvarna 336FR comes complete with a saw blade, grass blade, and a trimmer head. The flexibility is offers makes it the perfect solution for those that require the benefits of all the 3 tools in one package.

It uses an X-Torq engine that provides excellent fuel economy and amazing power. The engine also has 60 percent less emissions. It weighs just 11.2 pounds but still comes wilt a harness that distributes the weight between the back, chest, and shoulders. To ensure easier starting, air is removed from the fuel system and carburetor.

The ergonomically designed handlebar is adjustable to ensure maximum comfort. When you turn the Husqvarna 336FR off, the stop switch returns to the start position automatically for easier starting. You can use the cutting attachment guard with either a trimmer head or a grass blade.


  • Powerful Engine that Uses Advanced Technology to Ensure Minimal Emissions
  • Ergonomically designed handlebar for Maximum Comfort
  • Harness for Even Weight Distribution
  • Excellent Fuel Economy


  • It is a bit heavy

What is the Best Brush Cutter?

When it comes to brush cutters, this article has discussed what you need to consider when choosing one and has reviewed 5 of the top models. All the brush cutters discussed here have amazing features and are easy to use since those are important considerations when making a purchase decision. However, they are not all equal and one is definitely better than the rest.

Tanaka 21.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer


Out of the three, the  Tanaka TCG22EASSLP has to be the best since it has all the features that you would ever need in a brush cutter. It has a powerful engine that can cut through all types of vegetation. It also features an impressive starting system that makes it easier to start.

This brush cutter has minimal vibration and the steel shaft ensures that the maximum possible power is transferred to the cutting head. It has an impressive 60-inch-long shaft that reduces the stress during operation.

The bottom line is that even though all the brush cutters reviewed here are all impressive, the Tanaka TCG22EASSLP stands out among them since it has everything that you would ever need in a brush cutter. However, it does not mean that the rest are not good, it is just that the Tanaka TCG22EASSLP 21.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer Brush Cutter has a better list of features when compared to the rest.

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