COB LED Grow Light Review – The Idea Of Growing Plants Indoors


The idea of growing plants indoors was once limited to literal house plants. It was impossible to grow flourishing flowers, vegetables and herbs inside our homes because we didn’t have the resources necessary to mimic outdoor lighting and the elements.

Today we have the technology that is necessary to grow a broad variety of plants with all types of natural lighting needs. This technology that uses light-emitting diodes, also known as LEDs, has actually been around for decades, but we are just now learning how to use this type of light to create amazing indoor gardens that produce healthy and thriving crops.

The latest advancement in indoor plant lighting is the invention of the COB LED Grow Light. These lights produce a wider range of light spectrum and are much more efficient than other LED lights.

COB LED grow lights are fairly new to the industry, but they are already gaining recognition for being the most successful, high-quality plant lights that there are. COB is actually part of an LED light. But these grow lights are different from your standard LED plant lights.

How Does That Work?

LED lights that are used for indoor gardens are made up of various colors designed to mimic natural sunlight. This allows the plants to receive a spectrum of blue and red lights as well as some green or white lights.

COB stands for “chip-on-board” and the technology works by clustering LED lights inside a concentrated area. When a COB LED light is turned on, it will look like a single light. But in reality, it is a series of small lights in a spider web design. These lights are often housed in a ceramic, aluminum, or copper holder, which helps to dissipate the heat generated by all the tiny COB lights.

Most COB LED lights will include a fan that helps to circulate the air inside the heatsink. These fans prolong the life of the LED lights and reduce the amount of heat produced to keep the plants happy and healthy.

How Does a COB LED Grow Light Compare to Other Plant Grow Lights?

If you have attempted to grow plants indoors in the past, you may have used an old-fashioned heat lamp or grow light. If you have tried to grow indoor plants within the past few years, it is likely that you are familiar with some of the current grow light models out there. These include High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, Fluorescent lights, and LED lights.

High Intensity Discharge Lights

HID lights work well for plants that require a lot of sunlight and those that can withstand a lot of light. These lights are not recommended for use with seedlings as they are too intense for young plants to be exposed to. There are several types of HID lights including metal halide, ceramic metal halide, and high-pressure sodium or HPS.

Most people will agree that HPS lights are the most efficient type. A 600 watt HPS light is capable of producing more light than a 1000 watt HID light. The lifespan of an HID light is around 15,000 hours, depending on the type that you use. They can range between 10,000 and 24,000 hours at the most.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are a popular choice because they are energy efficient. They can last a very long time and cost pennies to run. Tube style fluorescent lights can provide between 30 to 90 lumens per watt. While they do not provide the brightest light, they are great for seedlings or for indoor herb gardens.

The best thing about fluorescent lights is their lifespan. They will typically operate between 10,000 and 20,000 hours based on the type that you use. Fluorescent lights are also some of the best affordable grow lights there are. But they aren’t efficient for all types of plants, which is their primary drawback.

LED Lights

Small LED lights placed in rows can be used as an effective grow light. Each bulb measures between 5w to 1w in power, however, there are some LED lights that are between 3w and 5w each. The higher the wattage for LED lights, the more heat they produce. That is why they are preferred for plants that require plenty of natural heat from the sun to thrive.

How COB LED Lights Compare

A COB LED Grow Light is a cluster of many tiny bulbs that come together to provide one single light source. They can measure as much as 300w, however, because of their unique design, COB lights use less energy, which makes them more energy efficient than LED grow lights, and more powerful.

Reviews of the Best COB LED Grow Lights

When you compare these four grow light sources, LED lights are the most expensive, but you can generally get around 50,000 to 90,000 hours of use out of them. Which makes them more affordable in the long run because you don’t have to replace them as often. And the energy savings also adds up.

However, if you want to try out the latest in light grow technology, you should check out some of the best COB LED grow light products that are currently available.

The Roleadro 400W COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light includes two LED clusters that offer enough heat to grow a variety of plants indoors with little effort. The concentration of the violet light helps flowering plants thrive. You may even notice that your plants are growing taller than they ever have in the past.

This second generation COB grow light includes fans to keep the lights cooler. Just one of these lights is capable of producing enough light for a 3x3 foot area. If you need to light up more space, you will need to buy multiple Roleadro COB lights to do the job.

The advantages of these COB LED lights include a long lifespan, intense lights, built-in fans, and the ability to easily add on more lights. These COB lights can cover a large space and they are also very affordable.

The downside of these lights is that the fans can be noisy, and some users have reported that there are a few dark spots.

The Morsen COB Full Spectrum 600W LED grow light is a popular choice for those who specialize in growing vegetables or flowering plants. These slights offer just the right vibrance and heat that is perfect for sprouting seeds or growing fresh veggies.

While there are many other grow lights that can provide similar benefits, the Morsen COB light is one of the most energy efficient models there is.

This COB LED grow light features a quiet fan that works very well to keep heat at a reasonable temperature. The size of the light is large enough for a 4 x 4 foot area which offers plenty of space for you to grow all types of plants. Another benefit to this COB light is that the lifespan is around 50,000 hours.

The advantages of this Morsen COB Full Spectrum light include the optional on and off switch, reflectors to direct light, high wattage and low energy, and the fact that they are affordable. The only downside to these grow lights is that there have been a few reviews left about defective systems.

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The MasterGrow X6 1800W Cob Led Grow Light lights advertise that they work effectively for all phases of plant life. The 1800 watt 6-slot unit uses just 325 watts of energy, making it one of the most efficient units on the list. There are three built-in fans to help transfer the heat and prevent your greenhouse from getting too warm.

One MasterGrow X6  can cover a 4 x 6 foot area which allows room for plenty of plants. And the lifespan of this unit is around 50,000 hours.

Advantages for the MasterGrow X6 1800W Cob Led Grow Light include a bright light that casts far, a good warranty, and the three built-in fans. The one drawback for this item is that there is no switch to dim or turn the light on and off.

Roleadro LED Grow Light, 600W 2nd Generation Plant Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Greenhouse Hydroponic Plants Veg and Flower
  • Daylight Full spectrum: Every led is full spectrum included 420nm-780nm which effectively promote...
  • This plant lights has a 3500K color temperature which is ideal for all phrase of growing, both...
  • Daisy-chain connection function: two or more 600W LED grow lights can be connected together with the...
  • LENS: Mixed of 90 and 120 degree lenses ensure the strong light penetration and also maximize the...
  • Excellent Heat Disspation: Uses 2 fans for cooling, this light has the lowest working temperature,...

The Roleadro 600W Grow Light with COB Reflector is another good choice from the Roleandro brand. This light is quiet, bright, and energy efficient It can help plants to grow at any phase. At 600 watts it doesn’t produce a lot of energy, which means that it also uses less energy overall.

While it may not be enough for your hardy indoor plants, these units can be daisy chained together to create a larger source of light and heat. Plus, a single unit is great for sensitive plants and seedlings.

This COB light is lightweight yet sturdy and easy to hang in your greenhouse or plant room. It works well to cover a small space of around 2 x 2 foot. The fan helps to keep the area cool but since it is such a low wattage light, the fan isn’t very powerful when it comes to keeping the heat away.

The advantages of this Roleadro 600W grow light include a quiet fan, daisy chain feature, strong and sturdy construction and an affordable price. The downside of this light is that it may not produce enough heat and light for all your plants.

The MORSEN LED Grow Light 3000W is the largest and most powerful grow light from the brand. While it offers an impressive 3000w of energy, this light is also surprisingly energy efficient even at its max power.

There are several switches included so that you can run the lights dimmer if needed or focus the light on a certain plant. This feature can be very useful when sprouting seeds beside of full grown plants that require a different level of lighting.

This light can cover an amazing 5 x 5 foot of space which means it may be the only light you will ever need inside your greenhouse. It also includes built-in fans so that your sensitive plants do not receive too much light or heat.

This COB light includes a clamp which makes it easy to hang in any location. The advantages for this grow light include an effective cooling fan system, bright lights, on and off switches, and the fact that it is an affordable unit. The downside of this grow light is that some users have complained that the hanging clamp is too small to use.

Which COB LED Grow Light is the Best Option?

Overall the best choice out of the five grow lights listed here would be the Morsen Max4 3600W grow light. It offers the most power with the option to turn the lights on or off and focus the lights on a particular plant as needed. Although it operates on 3600 watts, this light is very energy efficient. It’s an affordable choice and will allow you to provide a natural form of light and heat to your new or current indoor garden.

A COB LED grow light can help you with every stage of plant growth, whether you are using the system to grow herbs, vegetables, or flowers. The right lights can assist with seed sprouting and yields all while keeping your energy costs to a minimum.

Can You Benefit from Using a COB LED Grow Light System?

The COB LED grow light system may be the most recent advancement in indoor garden technology, but that doesn’t mean they are the right grow lights for all types of plants. There are some plants that may require less natural light or less heat to grow efficiently.

Consider what your plants need the most and choose a light source that will help them to thrive, whether that is a COB LED light, a fluorescent light, or a HID system.

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