A Review of the Garden Genie Gloves: Are They Worth Buying?


I love gardening, but I hate pulling out a million tools just to plant a tomato plant. Also, I've gotta be honest, gross fingernails are really not my thing. If you are like me, you are probably nodding your head right now. But guess what? Apparently, there are gloves that can help us with both of these things: Garden Genie Gloves.

Are you sick and tired of being forced to use multiple tools to garden? Do you ever just want to do some simple gardening, but don't want to buy all the gardening supplies?

Garden Genie claims their gloves can solve those problems. But, do they really live up to the hype?

What Are Garden Genie Gloves?

Garden Genie Gloves have integrated claws to replace the need for shovels, rakes, and other hand tools.

These gloves are puncture resistant and are designed with high-quality latex for more flexibility. The built-in claws will help protect your nails and assist in digging, raking, and planting. The Garden Genie Gloves are waterproof, so they rinse easy and will keep your hands dry.

According to the Garden Genie, these gloves are universal and fit most men and women. So, you can have your spouse out there digging in the garden with you.

Risk of Not Wearing Proper Gloves While Gardening

Aside from getting gross, dirty nails, there is also a very good reason you should wear garden gloves. You could contract Tetanus, legionellosis, melioidosis, and rose gardeners disease if you garden without gloves.

Some gardeners have found needles and glass in their soil that could puncture their skin and allow an infection into your body, which could even lead to sepsis.

Benefits of Using Garden Genie Gloves

When I started to garden, a long time ago, I had never heard of Garden Genie Gloves. I have found through research, that having these gloves makes an enormous difference on your hands. I don't know about you, but I don't want my hands filthy, and I don't want that risk of getting a fungus under my nails.

Also, the money you spend on gardening tools can be outrageous, but these Garden Genie Gloves have them built in. Many times you end up buying so many different kinds of gardening equipment, that you never use.

If you buy one set of Garden Genie Gloves, you may not need to waste your money on those tools if you are doing a simple gardening project.

Garden Genie claims that these gloves will make your gardening experience fast and easy.

Problems with Garden Genie Gloves

After watching a few videos, we noticed that Garden Genie gloves work great on most gardening projects but not with everything.

As stated on some of the reviews, thorns may still go through the gloves, and your hands may still be filthy after planting or digging in the soil. Also, some customers say the gloves are only for light gardening such as digging small holes in the ground and racking small areas, not to do major projects.

Garden Genie states you can dig in hard soil, but as shown in this video, it is not always accurate.

A news anchor from CBS Pittsburgh named Christine D'Antonio asked Kathy Hall to test the gloves in many different soils and even try to plant seeds and flowers, Kathy was not pleased.

Kathy stated the Garden Genie Gloves did not fit her hands well, and her fingertips began to hurt after just a little time of digging in hard soil. At the end of her experimenting, Kathy would rather use her simple gloves with no claws and a hand shovel than waste her money and time on Garden Genie Gloves.

However, despite the complaints, a lot of people really like them. Check it out:

Price Range and Ratings for the Garden Genie Gloves

You can purchase the Garden Genie Gloves between $ and $$. Amazon customers rated the gloves 4.6 out of 5 stars.

How We Reviewed the Garden Genie Gloves

We studied the Garden Genie Gloves by researching on the internet. We started by looking at the product's pricing and availability.

Then we watched a few Youtube videos, to see if customers agreed with the advertising guarantee and had a few different outcomes.

Garden Genie Gloves Testimonials

We looked around for some testimonials from real customers on Youtube who have tired the Garden Genie Gloves. In our experience, the only way to honestly know if a product does what it says it does is by trying it yourself or finding people who have.

Luckily, in this day and age, we have Youtube to help us with that. Below are some of the videos we found from people who have tested the gloves.

'Garden Genie Gloves -- tested'

A YouTuber by the name of "Green Winch" tried the Garden Genie Gloves and really liked them. According to Green Winch, Garden Genie makes the gloves out of high-quality, durable material.

To test the gloves, he tried them in both hard and soft soil. He wanted to make sure that they worked in both because as we all know, soil varies by region.

Green Winch said that the gloves are nice because they did not hurt his fingers. Also, he was able to dig a hole "really well" with them on. So, the manufacturer isn't lying when they claim the gloves replace a shovel. Overall, he said that he was pleased with the Garden Genie Gloves.

'Does it work? Garden Genie Gloves'

This Youtube video is from KVUE news with Quita Culpepper went to a local garden center called Red Barn and had a person named Marty H. test the gloves.

Marty tests them on soft and hard soil. They also have Quita Culpepper plant a flower. However, even though they worked okay, Marty doesn't think they will work for all your gardening needs. Marty was wrong. Both of them agree that the gloves do what they claim and give them a thumbs up.

'Worth it? Ep. 5- The original Garden Genie Gloves (As seen on TV)'

Now here is a gentleman named Luke that has a little different response than everyone else. Throughout the video titled "Worth it? Ep. 5- The original Garden Genie Gloves (As seen on TV)," Luke says that he does agree that the gloves work great and do what they say, but states its an unnecessary purchase.

Luke believes you will still need all the other gardening tools for bigger jobs. He states why would you wear these gloves if you are using a shovel, you would need simple gloves instead, not ones with claws.

'Product review Garden Genie Gloves'

In this video, Kevin, known as the Bad Back Gardener, actually gardens an entire flower bed.

Kevin does agree they do what the manufacturer states on the box. He is also amazed that he can dig up weeds with the Garden Genie Gloves.

The video is a little bit longer, but it shows him wearing the gloves the entire time and shows the durability of the gloves while he digs deep to pull up weeds.

Garden Genie Gloves Competition

When you want to make your garden looks fantastic, you have many options for gloves to help you. Some customers might prefer gloves without claws, or gloves that thorns won't go through but what you are planting will decide what the best set of gloves is for you.

Below I have listed a few other options, please take a moment and check them out.

Honey Badger Gloves

Honey Badger Gloves are different than the other brands we talk about in this article. The gloves only come with three claws on the one hand. The other brands come with four on each side. For these gloves, the price ranges from $ to $$.

Honey Badger Gloves have many colors to choose from, unlike the other companies that only come in about two colors. Their basic claw gloves come in green, pink, gray-blue, olive-green, and green-blue. They also have a grip claw glove that comes in only one color, green.

Amazon customers rated the gloves at a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. They are an American product made with high quilty and eco-friendly materials and are waterproof. Honey Badger Gloves come in women's and men's small, medium, and large. And they come in extra large for women only.

NNRT Garden Gloves

NNRT Garden Gloves are very similar to Garden Genie Gloves, but the material is a little different. The company makes the gloves out of 90 percent latex and 10 percent nylon.

These gloves also are made to be waterproof and have built-in claws.

Unfortunately, there isn't a size stated online. These gloves only come in a blue-black color. The price range is between $4 to $10. They have a 3.2 out of 5.0-star rating on Amazon by customers.

Runfish Gardening Gloves

Runfish gloves are puncture resistant, waterproof, and have claws.

These gloves are made with latex and are one size fits all. The manufacturer makes the claws from a durable ABS plastic. The cost of the gloves ranges between $ and $$.

We found on Amazon the rating of these gloves was 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. They also only come in one color, a blue-black color design.

SOILS Garden Gloves

Many of these gloves seem to be very similar, but ​SOILS Garden Gloves received a 5.0 out of 5.0-star rating on Amazon by their customers.

The company claims that you will not touch dirt directly, and will not receive cuts, scratches, or broken nails. The company makes the gloves with latex rubber and strong claws. They also have an elastic cuff.

The prices are between $ to $$. SOILS Garden Gloves are one size fit most, and they only come in a blue-black color.

Ace Melody Gloves

These gloves come in size medium, and the company claims they fit most people.

Ace Melody Gloves have a 4.4 out of 5.0-star rating by customers on Amazon. They are advertised to be durable and puncture resistant. The price range is $ to $$, depending on if you want two pairs or one pair of gloves.

Ace Melody Gloves come in brown and blue gloves or blue and purple gloves. You can also buy a pair that come in just purple.

Which Gardening Gloves Are Right for You?

After all the research and watching Youtube videos, I would have to go with the Garden Genie Gloves. I like the option of having either having claws on both hands or just one.

I, myself am not much of a gardener, so to have these gloves to dig up things and not have to buy all those other expense gardening tools, is excellent. The price is also very reasonable for what you get.

Have you tried Garden Genie Gloves? If you have, we'd love to hear about your experience. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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