NeverKink Hose Review: What’s All About This Essential Garden Tool?


While most infomercial products fail to live up to the hype surrounding them, the garden hose industry has managed to come up with a product that lives up to its name. Dozens of new brands have been introduced that promote products designed to do more than your standard garden hose ever could. And the remarkable thing is that they really do work.

The NeverKink Hose – Does it Work as Advertised?

The NeverKink hose is a strong and durable product which claims that it will not kink under any circumstances, and those who have used the product can say that these hoses perform as advertised, practically every time they are used.

NeverKink has created their own line of garden hoses in different sizes and features to suit your needs. In this review we will take a look at the best selling NeverKink products so that you can learn more about this essential garden tool.

About the NeverKink Hose

The selling factor of the NeverKink line of products is the fact that they are garden hoses that will never kink. If you have ever used a standard hose to water your lawn or garden, you have likely dealt with a large, heavy, hose that would get tangled and kink very easily, leaving you without water until the problem was resolved.

The NeverKink hoses do not usually kink or tangle, and if they do it is not as often as a standard hose. If they do become tangled, you will need to turn the hose on before you untangle them to prevent it from kinking. So, yes, the NeverKink hose will actually kink from time to time. But it is still far less than the number of times a regular hose will kink during use.

  • The Secret to The No-Kink Technology

NeverKink hoses have been very successful since they were initially launched by the company Teknor Apex. They were the very first kink-proof hose to be sold in the United States and featured the patented technology known as Non-Torsion System or NTS.

The Non-Torsion System is the secret behind NeverKink’s Kink-proof technology and consists of a translucent strip that runs the length of the hose. The strip is made from Reflex Mesh material and helps to prevent kinking, twisting and tangling which is common with standard garden hoses.

  • The NeverKink Hose Couplings

The couplings are used to add attachments to various NeverKink garden hoses. There are several different attachments available that may be purchased separately. Some may work with one particular type of NeverKink hose while others may work with more than one model. All couplings are lead-free and made from high-quality Aircraft-grade aluminum material that is guaranteed not to corrode or rust.

  • The NeverKink Warranty

NeverKink has a Lifetime Guarantee on all of their hoses against tangling and kinking. If you own a NeverKink product and find that it is kinking or tangling often, you can contact the company for a free replacement.

NeverKink Features

The NeverKink line of garden hose products have many great features and are capable of living up to their brand name. Here are some of the significant features available from the popular NeverKink products.

  • The hose will not tangle or kink under normal use
  • Couplings are made of quality aluminum material on most products
  • There is a variety of coupling options available for you to choose from
  • Most hoses are leak and crush resistant
  • All NeverKink hoses feature an advanced MicroShield that prevents the build up of mold and mildew
  • NeverKink hoses can be connected together
  • NeverKink products can be used with other standard garden hose nozzles
  • All NeverKink garden hoses come with a Lifetime Warranty and they are Made in the U.S.A.

The Different Types of NeverKink Products

There is a large assortment of NeverKink Hose products available. Each product has special functions and features that allow them to be effective in various situations. From commercial use to residential, you can find the right product to help your complete garden tasks.

Teknor Apex Neverkink, 8844-100, PRO Water Hose, 5/8-in x 100-feet,Black
  • Guaranteed not to kink or tangle
  • Heavy gauge power coil. This hose comes in 5/8th" and 3/4" diameter and is available in 50', 75' and...
  • Industrial strength lead-free aluminum couplings leak & crush-proof. All weather flexibility down to...
  • Contains microshield to prevent mold and mildew
  • Remains flexible down to 45 degrees

The Neverkink Pro Commercial Line of garden hoses range in length from 50’ up to 130’. These hoses are designed for use by professional landscapers and clean up crews. However, they can also be beneficial for home use as well.

These hoses are available in varied thickness including 5/8” and 3/4”. The 3/4” thick hose is capable of outputting more water than the 5/8”. It will also provide you with more pressure during use. The thickness of the hose refers to the inside diameter.

This line of commercial-grade hoses use aircraft-quality aluminum couplings and a heavy gauge power coil that prevents tangles in the line while relieving the strain on the hose where the coupling is located. The couplings for this line of hoses feature a swivel design that allows them to connect to a spigot without kinking or rotating the hose.

watering plants using a garden hose

The Neverkink Pro Commercial Line features a crush proof design. These hoses are capable of withstanding as much as 1,400 lbs. of weight without crushing the material. They are also deigned to work well during low temperature conditions.

The hoses will work as advertised even at 45 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also capable of working in high temperature conditions and have been tested to function well at 100 degrees.

All NeverKink commercial hoses feature an antibacterial MicroShield sleeve that is designed to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. While it is effective in preventing these harmful contaminants, the commercial pro line hoses are not drinking water safe.

Teknor Apex 100519523 Neverkink 8615-130, Heavy Duty Hose Reel Garden Hose, 5/8-Inch by 130-Feet
  • Make your garden a kink-free zone
  • Patented anti-kink technology prevents kinks, twists and tangles, the # 1 consumer complaint
  • Heavy duty leak proof and crush resistant couplings up to 1000 lbs force
  • Rigid sleeve prevents kinking at the faucet
  • MicroShield anti-microbial protection guards hose against mold and mildew that can cause hose...

The NeverKink Heavy-Duty Line of garden hoses are less robust than their commercial line and designed for use by homeowners instead of landscapers or contractors. These hoses are available in lengths ranging from 25’ up to 130’.

The NeverKink Heavy-Duty Line has one option for hose thickness which is 5/8”. This can help you move plenty of water at the right pressure since the hose is intended for use by homeowners.

The Heavy-Duty Line of hoses use the same coupling type as NeverKink’s commercial like. For added protection, these hoses have a rigid sleeve that runs 6” along the coupling to prevent kinks and damage in the most critical area of the hose.

The NeverKink Heavy-Duty Line also have a crush proof design that can withstand 1,200 lbs. of pressure. While that is less than the weight amount for the commercial line of hoses, it is unlikely that you will need that much protection when using the hose for residential purposes.

The NeverKink Heavy-Duty Line does not have the same features for low and high temperatures. These products do not function as well when temperatures become too low or high and using them under these conditions could cause the hose to kink or tangle more than usual.

The NeverKink Heavy-Duty Line have the same antimicrobial MicroShield feature that can protect it from mold and mildew buildup.

Overall, this line of hoses is ideal for homeowners who want to do plenty of work in their lawn or garden. It is strong enough to take on your toughest watering jobs and lightweight enough for anyone to use with ease.

Teknor Apex NeverKink 8642-50, Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose, 5/8-Inch by 50 -Feet
  • Untangles the toughest watering jobs
  • Patented anti-kink technology prevents kinks, twists and tangles, the # 1 consumer complaint
  • All weather flexibility down to 45°F for ease of use in colder temperatures
  • Rigid sleeve prevents kinking at the faucet
  • MicroShield anti-microbial protection guards hose against mold and mildew that can cause hose...

The NeverKink Extra Heavy-Duty Line of hoses are available in lengths that range from 50’ up to 100’. These hoses are also only available with a thickness of 5/8” and they include the Rigid Sleeve feature for added protection to the coupling area.

The Extra Heavy-Duty Line uses the same high-quality couplings as the Commercial and Heavy-Duty hoses. They also feature a heavy gauge power coil for additional protection at the first few inches of the hose were it connects to the couplings.

This power coil is useful in preventing kinks and damage at this otherwise vulnerable location. This is considered the best upgrade from the heavy-duty line to this line.

The Extra Heavy-Duty hoses also have a crush proof maximum of 1,200 lbs. But unlike the Heavy-Duty line, these hoses are capable of use under extreme hot or cold temperatures. They also have the same MicroShield coating that prevents mold and mildew growth.

Overall the NeverKink Extra Heavy-Duty line of garden hoses are a good combination of the best features from the Commercial Line and the Heavy-Duty line, making them a great choice for home owners with a small to mid-sized garden to care for.

Neverkink 7612-25 1/2 X 25' Neverkink Self-Straightening Boat & Camper Hose
  • Never Kink Boat & Camper Hose
  • White With Blue Stripe
  • NTS Reflex Mesh To Prevent Kinking
  • Twisting & Tangling
  • Drinking Water Safe

The NeverKink Boat and Camper Hose Line is targeted to boat and RV owners, or anyone who needs to clean a vehicle that features white fiberglass material.

While these hoses are not as robust as the others mentioned here so far, they include some special features that make them an excellent choice for those who own boats or recreational vehicles.

The Boat and Camper hoses all have a thickness of 5/8”. They do not have a crush proof design, and they also do not have low or high temperature features. These hoses so include the MicroShield anti-microbial coating that prevents mold and mildew growth, which is found on all other NeverKink products.

The coupling type for these Boat and RV hoses are different from all others made by NeverKink. They are called Thumb Thing couplings and allow for easy connection and disconnection of the hose from a spigot. Since boat owners often have to attach and detach their hoses, this type of coupling is a great choice for these particular hoses.

The NeverKink Boat and Camper line of hoses are the perfect choice for boat owners who want an easy to use hose that will not kink or tangle. These hoses will not damage fiberglass and their unique white tubing blends in nicely with boat or RV finishes.

Teknor Apex NeverKink Lite, 6600-50 Garden Hose, 9/16-Inch by 50-Feet
  • The lightweight hose that gets the hard work done.
  • Up to 25% lighter weight
  • Patented anti-kink technology prevents kinks, twists and tangles, the # 1 consumer complaint
  • Leak proof and crush resistant couplings
  • Soft sleeve prevents kinking at the faucet

The NeverKink Lite Garden Hose Line is available in a single length of 50’ and features a 9/16” hose width. This line is more lightweight than other hoses and is targeted to uses who don’t want to carry around a large and bulky garden hose.

The Lite Garden Hose from NeverKink is one of the easiest to handle and maneuver from the brand. The couplings are made from the same high-quality aluminum material, and the soft sleeve prevents kinks and tangling.

This hose has a crush proof design that can withstand as much as 500 lbs. without damage. It doesn’t’ include any low or high temperature features, and it is also the only NeverKink line that doesn’t include the MicroShield protection that prevents mildew and mold.

While it may not include all the features that are available from other NeverKink products, this line is great for those who are looking for a simple garden hose that isn’t too heavy or difficult to use.

Teknor Apex Neverkink, 8846-50 Farm & Ranch Water Hose, 5/8-in x 50-feet
  • Guaranteed Not to Kink or Tangle
  • Heavy Gauge Power Coil
  • High Strength Lead-Free Aluminum Couplings Leak & Crush-proof
  • Contains Microshield to Prevent Mold and Mildew
  • Remains Flexible Down to 45 degrees

The NeverKink Pro Farm and Ranch Line is available in a range of lengths between 50’ and 100’ It is only available in a 5/8” hose length.

The NeverKink Pro Farm and Ranch Line of hoses is targeted to farmers and ranchers and has a lot in common with the Extra Heavy-Duty line. It features the same high-quality couplings and the heavy gauge power coil that prevents kinking at the end of the hose. The crush proof estimate is between 1,200 and 1,500 lbs.

And this hose is designed to withstand both low and high temperatures. The Farm and Ranch line features the MicroShield protection that prevents mold and mildew growth. Overall this hose is very similar to the Extra Heavy-Duty hoses.

garden hose nozzle

Should You Purchase a NeverKink Hose?

The NeverKink line of hoses have set the bar very high for other lawn equipment brands. While it is possible for their garden hoses to kink and tangle, it still doesn’t occur nearly as often with these hoses as it would a standard garden hose.

These products are made from quality materials and are designed to last for a long time. They are all Made in the U.S.A. and can help make watering your lawn or garden a much easier task.

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