An Ultimate Guide To Create Different Living Garden Features With Pallets

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Gone are the days when people tried hard to manage their cluttered gardens. A tidy garden means giving a reason to oneself to enjoy nature. Nowadays, smarter ways to nurture garden with different plants and flowers in garden space of a house have come up which add character to the area while increasing its aesthetic value. A living garden feature is such an element which is used by people not just as a show piece for making the garden look pretty, but also to add color and personality to it and to make the space look full of life. Pallets help to create micro garden in a house; a small garden with greater value. There are various creative ways in which different pallets can be used to create smart living garden features.

How to use pallets in different ways

You can use pallets of different shapes and sizes and in different combinations to create a unique living garden feature. Some examples that you can opt are as follows:

1. Vertical Garden

A pallet can be made to stand vertically against a wall or a backdrop of wallpaper and filled up with sand followed by planting flowers of your choice. Vertical gardens have become quite a rage since some time and are great for narrow balconies or houses with limited space for a garden as they take less room and maximize growing space for the plants at the same time.

2. Horizontal Garden Feature

Pallets can also be structured horizontally and made to lie upon grass or mud in the garden. People usually prefer growing a vegetable patch in such a pallet. You can take the most of it by growing your favorite vegetables and shallow rooted herbs in as small an area as one square meter of pallet.

3. Lettered Pallets

As opposed to the traditional square and horizontal pallets, you may also get pallets shaped in different letters for your garden and embellish them with vibrant flowers. This gives a more customized look wherein you can personalize your garden area with different words or phrases formed by these lettered pallets.

Pallets Bench

Pallets Flowers Bench

4. Bench for Pots

You can also use pallets as a bench and install it at a corner of your garden. Such a bench can be used to not only hold pots of plants, but also as a storage option for holding garden supplies and small tools.

5. Crates Stacked up

You can stack up crates of pallets vertically in a pyramid form for a creative and beautiful structure. The crates filled with plants and vibrant flowers can further be supported with wooden planks when stacked against each other.

6. Hanging Pallets

You can even create a hanging garden wherein you can hang a couple of pallets from a rope attached to the roof. These pallets, supporting potted plants or herbs, make for some beautiful decoration piece for a garden or a balcony.

Hanging Pallets

Hanging Pallets

After employing these methods of creating different living garden features with pallets, it is also important to follow certain tips to ensure optimal maintenance. Since pallets dry out quickly, make sure to water it regularly, especially the bottom two openings. You can further fertilize them by adding water soluble fertilizer to the watering can. Another vital tip while building a vertical garden pallet is to leave the pallet flat on the ground for some weeks after filling it with soil and plants so that the roots get enough time and space to grow in and hold the plants in place. If you do not wait and hang it upright just a few days after planting, the soil may fall out. Thus, following the right method along with some patience and care will ensure a beautiful pallet garden. You can also get creative by adding strings of lights or candles and other decorations to your living garden feature to make it more aesthetically appealing.

Jonathan E. Bass

Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. I am currently a gardener. I have a small garden behind my house. I love it.

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