5 Effective Steps to Protect Your Crops from Pests

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Protecting your yield from pests isn’t a piece of cake especially when you are fond of farming in a limited area and looking for natural ways by which you can shield your crops. Pests can ruin the entire yield and even cause severe health related issues to the people consuming the contaminated vegetables or fruits, on the other hand, use of chemicals and pesticides may also lead to a various health condition that may require medical attention. Here we will discuss in details some effective ways by which one can easily defend the crops and field from pests attack.

Use of Mechanical Barriers

Using Mechanical Barriers

You can easily prevent the entry of pests into your fields by the use of numerous mechanical barriers that are proven to be fruitful in controlling rodents and other animals from entering into your fields. The market is full of different kinds of barriers such as fences that act as a barrier for dogs and other wild animals that are responsible for an enormous destruction of the harvest and can also contaminate the vegetables that can be a serious matter. Apart from this, you can choose different nets that allow sufficient light to pass through and eventually prevents any damage to the yield by rats and other pests that can significantly ruin the flowers and fruits. These nets also act as a protective shield against birds that can destroy the harvest and can even spoil the crop.

Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is perhaps the best way to avoid pests as it involves the alternating the plant type and thus helps in preventing pests who get used to the similar crops on the same land. Growing different crops on land also ensure proper soil fertility and enhance the overall yield that can further help you in making huge profits. Furthermore, the fact that several people are unaware of is that a healthy soil shields your crops against rodents and pests as according to researchers, there are more chances of pest attack on unhealthy plants as compared to the healthier and productive reap. Several gardening tips focus on the quality of the soil that tremendously affects the overall harvest and significantly plays a vital role in protecting your plants from ruining.

Organic Pesticides

Organic Pesticides

There is nothing like owning a small garden for yielding organic vegetables and fruits for the sake of your family’s health and fitness, but the situation drastically changes when pests attack your beloved crops and eventually ruin them making it unhealthy for consumption. Moreover, one avoids the use of pesticides and chemicals to prevent pests but they are also poisonous for one’s health may cause severe chronic diseases. The solution to this dilemma is to use several organic pesticides that help in shunning away the pests without contaminating your entire harvest. You just need to get these pesticides that are easily available in the market and spray on the whole field, and you will witness a noticeable change in the attack of insects and pests in your garden, and you could be sure enough that your hard work doesn’t go in vein.

One of the finest ways to save your hard-earned money in purchasing organic pesticides is to prepare a self-made natural pesticide by using several oils and other household products that can be a perfect solution for avoiding pets naturally without burning a hole in your pocket. You can search the web regarding various tips to prepare natural organic pesticides for your gardening.

Maintain Hygiene in the Surroundings

Maintain Hygiene

One of the prominent reasons for pests and insects breeding is the unhygienic surroundings that encourage the growth of insects and flies that further destroy your crops. You must make sure that your garden or field is surrounded by a clean and tidy averment so as to ensure proper cleanliness and to avoid pests breeding. Apart from this, drains are equally responsible for the propagation of rodents that can be dangerous for your crops and may pollute your garden; one must ensure that all the drains must be adequately covered and there should be no chance of any outflow.

Furthermore, if your field isn’t clean enough, the chances are that your crops can attract various insects and pests to find their nourishment. You must regularly clean your garden or farm to ensure proper hygiene, and you can easily use different agricultural machinery for completing the job in a couple of seconds. You can also refer to various gardening tips that explicitly mention the importance of clean surroundings for the better output of the entire harvest.

Adding Organic Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers play a fundamental role in repelling bugs and insects that are responsible for reduced productivity and eventually ensures proper care and nurture to your crops. The market is flooded with many organic fertilizers that are surprisingly effective and provides adequate output without many efforts. You can easily find a retailer online by exploring the internet.


Protecting your crops can be a difficult task especially if you are considering natural methods, the tips mentioned above are fruitful in numerous cases and also helps in enhancement of the productivity.

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