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What is Container Herbs Gardening?

Container herbs gardening refers to a wonderful way to grow herbs in a container. Basil, parsley, thyme, and rosemary are a few most common herbs that people usually love to grow. These herbs, undoubtedly add a bit of a fragrance to the location where it is placed. Moreover, since it is so easy to snip a few stalks that one can easily use them in cooking. It is a good idea to have these herbs placed close to the kitchen, somewhere on the kitchen windowsill.

Since they don’t take much space and require less maintenance, many people who are new to gardening or new to growing food prefer to start by growing herbs in containers.


Best Herbs To Grow!

To give you a brief idea, below mentioned are a few of the best herbs to grow in containers:

  • Mint

Mint is one of the most common herbs that is grown by many, especially since it is so easy to grow. But, remember, it needs constant feeding to grow.

  • Coriander

Coriander is best planted in the spring and you are likely to get leaves throughout the late autumn.

  • Parsley

A little slow in growing, but once it is fully grown it will give you leaves for almost two years or so before it dies.

Basil is best grown in a warm, sheltered spot. Always water this herb in the mornings.

  • Thyme

Thyme is very easy to grow and is excellent for soups, pastas, and more. Take care not to over wet.

  • Rosemary

Similar to the Thyme, don’t over wet. So grow them in well-drained soils.


Mastering The Art Of Container Herbs Gardening

Although most of these herbs are easy to grow in a container, there are a few instructions to keep in mind in order to achieve satisfying results.

Firstly, ensure that you pick your herbs in growing seasons only. And, most importantly, pick them in the right way. It is advisable to pick off the tips of each stem and not stems from the base of a plant. Secondly, while these herbs are growing in a container, make sure that the container is filled with liquid seaweed. Liquid seaweed plays a pivotal role in tracing minerals that will invariably help the herbs to retain good flavour. In addition, follow the below mentioned tips and tricks in order to attain the best possible results:

  • Size of the container

The size of the container does matter, but the shape doesn’t. So while growing the herbs in a container, make sure that you use the largest container possible. It is advisable to combine two plants in a large pot than to use little pots.

Container Herbs Gardening

  • Soil

Another important factor to be considered is the kind of soil. For containers, purchase something labelled as “potting mix” and not “potting soil”. Potting mix is an ideal choice as it is lighter and mostly made from organic materials such as composted plant matter.

  • Water

If you fancy growing herbs in a container, then be prepared to water them frequently, because the potting mix in a pot dries out quickly. It is a good idea to check by putting a finger into the soil.

  • Sunlight

Your herbs will require an adequate amount of sunlight in order to produce the aroma and flavour. Most of the herb varieties require at least 6 to 7 hours of sunlight every day. For any reasons, if the amount of sunlight is less or nil, then substitute the light with fluorescent lamps. This tip will be handy during winter season.

Since it is a container in which the herb is growing, you can easily move the container to your desired location, keeping the light factor in mind.

  • Fertilizer

Even though most of the herbs require very little fertilizer, you still need to pay attention to container herbs. For herbs, particularly, all you require is an organic fertilizer, which can be mixed with potting mix before planting. Remember to apply fertilizers sparingly to the herbs. If you apply more fertilizers, then you are bound to see large plants, but with very little aroma and flavour.

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