6 Ways to Unclog a Toilet without a Plunger or a Plumber [Infographic]

There are just some DIY jobs around the house that it feels like we should be able to do without calling in extra help. While it certainly isn’t glamorous one of those jobs is unclogging the toilet, it happens to us all at some point when we least expect it, our normally reliable toilet lets us down.

While a few flushes and a poke with the toilet brush is often enough to get things moving again, when it isn’t enough we have some great suggestions on how you can tackle the problem easily with a few different methods depending on the tools you have at hand.

So unless you’re fairly sure your toilet is broken then we recommend giving these methods a try, but a quick word of warning, don’t try flushing too much if it’s still blocked as there is only one place for the water to go, and that’s all over your bathroom floor.

Check out this great infographic put together by Legendary Home Services for the details:

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