Major Benefits Of Planting Street Trees In Urban Cities


The benefits that can be enjoyed due to planting trees are manifold. Trees lining the streets of urban cities can do wonders for the beautification of the surroundings. Also, they are known to contribute towards the center’s ‘green infrastructure‘.

The irony lies in the fact that in spite of people being aware of the various advantages that can be availed due to tree plantations; there are several tree sites at urban areas that remain untouched. There is need to understand that planting more sidewalk gardens has several advantages.

It is also advised to keep plants inside the house for the various benefits that can be availed. Wooden containers are ideal for indoor plants because they are lightweight due to which they are easily transportable one corner of the house to another.

You can also make wooden containers using wood material for storing the plants. During this endeavor, you must ensure that you use the best table saw for the purpose.

Fostering Trees at Urban Streets

Benefits of Fostering Trees at Urban Streets

In the following details, we study the many benefits of fostering trees in urban localities.

  • Research reports indicate that street trees can raise the property values of adjoining houses by a small percentage.
  • The photosynthesis process in plants results in oxygen production, which is beneficial for the human race.
  • Trees contribute towards purifying the environment due to their ability to absorb greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. These gases are stored in the leaves and stems. Additionally, plantations are effective for trapping airborne pollutants such as dirt, dust, sulfur dioxides, soot, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides; thereby, cleaning the air to a further degree.
  • Walking amidst nature can help in improving the ability to concentrate.
  • Where children are concerned, the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are relieved as a result of them being around nature settings.
  • Trees planted alongside the road can help in lowering the stress levels of drivers.
  • It has also been observed that patients in hospital rooms that have a view of gardens recover faster as compared to those groups that do not have this benefit.
  • The temperatures are cooler in neighborhoods that contain trees because water vapor is released into the atmosphere from the leaves.
  • Planting trees can also result in higher conservation of energy. In summer, they provide shade; during winter, they are effective in blocking the strong winds. Hence, our dependency on cooling devices such as air-conditioners and heaters is reduced, which leads to higher energy-saving.
  • Trees provide nuts as well as fruits and help in nurturing humans and wildlife.
  • The risk of floods is lowered with the help of trees because of their ability to absorb water. Here, the pressure on storm water drains is cut-down and risk of floods is eliminated.
  • The quality of the soil improves as a result of water being held below ground level. Soil erosion is also reduced by growing trees alongside water streams.
  • Green spaces can help in reconnecting with communities and neighbors.
  • The recovery period from disorders is reduced by spending time around nature.
  • By engaging children in the tree-building exercises, they become aware of the environmental concerns and importance of conservation.
  • Tree diversity is beneficial for mammals, insects, and birds; they are dependent on plantations for their protection and food.
  • Trees promote relaxation of the body and general well-being.
  • Noise pollution is decreased with the help of trees; they absorb the noises by acting as buffers.
  • Reduction in air pollution is helpful for reducing cases of asthma and other respiratory illnesses.
  • Skin cancer is prevented with trees by reducing our exposure to UVB – one of the most harmful kinds of solar radiation.
  • Employees have offices that oversee trees were reported to be greatly productive.
  • The crime rates in areas that are lined with trees are lower as compared to the barren lands. Fear is reduced as a result of landscaping; it has been studied.

Planting Street Trees In Urban Cities

In the above-listed details, we have seen the varied benefits of nurturing trees in urban areas. Trees are known to sustain life, and it is important that they are planted in abundance for the related benefits.

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Major Benefits Of Planting Street Trees In Urban Cities
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