My Gardening Network Terms of Use

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By publishing an article on My Gardening Network, you agree to the following.

1. I Agree and understand that My Gardening Network is an experiment. I have read and understand the My Gardening Network Statement of Intent.

2. I have read the My Gardening Network Overview and understand it.

  • I understand that compensation is limited to advertising network revenue and that revenue is split between the content author, content editor, and content publisher. Current split is 70/20/10 respectively, but may be changed in the future. Any changes to revenue shared between writer, editor, and publisher, will not take effect until an article is published for 12 months.
  • I understand that if I publish an article on My Gardening Network that is earning revenue on another site, I may lose revenue on that site.
  • I understand that it is possible I will not make any money by publishing articles on My Gardening Network.

3. I have read the My Gardening Network Limited Exclusive Publishing License and I Agree to its terms.

  • Articles deleted and then published elsewhere are not eligible for resubmission until the republished article is deleted and removed from search engine indices.

4. I Agree that any article I publish on My Gardening Network is my own work and that I own the publishing rights to it. I understand and agree that if I publish work to which I do not have rights to publish, I may lose any privileges to publish on My Gardening Network.

  • If another website copies my articles and uses them on their own site, I agree to file the proper DMCA take down request with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other Search Engines.
  • Articles sold to other sites such as Demand Studios, eHow, etc are not eligible for publication on My Gardening Network because they require you to give up all rights. You may be the author, but you no longer own the rights to those articles.

5. I Agree that My Gardening Network may require editing on articles.

  • My Gardening Network may ask me to edit my articles and I agree to comply with those requests to the best of my ability.
  • My Gardening Network staff may edit my articles without my permission to meet spelling, grammar, voice, style, and factual requirements.

6. I Agree not to publish “thin” content.

  • I will research main keywords according to the keyword research guide.
  • I have read the keyword use guide and will follow its guidelines.
  • I will not stuff keywords into articles.
  • I will use natural keywords in articles that relate directly to the article.

7. I have read the SEO Guide and I agree to follow the SEO guidelines within the SEO Guide.

8. I Agree that before publishing, I will establish a Google Gmail Account and a Public Google Plus Profile with a photo.

  • I will submit a biography to My Gardening Network that meets requirements and include the same photo used on my Google Plus Public Profile.
  • I will add the My Gardening Network URL http://www.mygardeningnetwork.com to my contributor list on Google Plus.
  • I have read the Social Media Guide and will promote articles using social media.

9. I will read the sample articles and I Agree to format all articles for publication according to the formats used in the sample articles. Current Article Formats include:

10. I understand and agree that because My Gardening Network is an experiment, it may be necessary to adjust SEO strategies in order to rank well in the search engines and attract visitors. I understand and agree to make changes as required to meet new SEO strategies.

Jonathan E. Bass

Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. I am currently a gardener. I have a small garden behind my house. I love it.

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