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The purpose of My Gardening Network is to make money.

When Google implemented the algorithm update commonly known as Panda, it caused upheaval for many content sites such as eHow, Bright Hub, Helium, and others. Many sites lost the lion’s share of their revenue streams, and along with them, so did the writers.

Some writers deserved to lose their revenue. They were creating articles as fast as they could type the words and using “Thin Content” creation techniques. By using passive voice and wordy construction, they could create an article about something, that said nothing. These articles relied on a few key words and phrases to attract views.

The content farms encouraged them and when Panda struck in February of 2011, content farms fell off the front pages of the SERPS and some articles have never been seen since.

This was not always fair to the writers. Yet, the site-wide penalties imposed by Google didn’t make exceptions for the writers who did their job and wrote good articles. They were penalized along with the content farm and everyone else who wasn’t following the rules.

Make no mistake, Google was warning the content farms and the writers for more than three years before the Panda update. Writers who didn’t pay attention were hurt. Some lost their livelihoods. Others just found other ways to make money. I don’t mean this as a condemnation, only a statement of fact.

Many writers did not know that Google was warning content farms and writers, and the content farms didn’t tell them. In fact, if you were writing at Helium, chances are good that posts in the forums about best practices were being deleted as fast as writers could put them up. Some writers, like me, saw the writing on the wall and left to go write elsewhere.

As stated above, the purpose of My Gardening Network is to make money. It is my belief that using the right techniques and formats to provide a great user experience, along with social networking and Google Authorship, we can make money using articles that we own the rights to, that were previously published on content farms.

It takes time to build a reputation and credibility. My Gardening Network will not become a force overnight. Writers will not see revenues the first month. In fact, they may never see any revenue at all. This will begin as an experiment to figure out if we can do this, and if we can, we will take our show on the road, so to speak, and apply it to other areas.

We Will Not Become A Content Farm Like Helium, eHow, or Bright Hub!

Instead, we will become a community of gardeners and gardening experts. If we can’t do that, then we won’t survive.

I make this pledge to the writers that decide to join me. If we are not making money, then we will close the site down and move on. We will declare the experiment a failure and drop all licensing agreements. We will admit failure and you will have still have your publishing rights.

To make this pledge, I ask one thing. That the writers who join me give this site a chance to gain the reputation and credibility that it needs to do well. That will take more than a month or so. It will take at least six months to start seeing results that we can use to judge success or failure. At the end of six months, we will review our efforts and decide if we will continue onward. We will make a second review after one year.

At the end of one year, we will know if the site is a success, or if it is a failure. If we have failed, then you’ll be free to take your content and go elsewhere.

It is my sincerest hope that we can beat the big name publishers and content farms at their own game and actually take our content and use it as we see fit, to make money for ourselves and our families, using good ethics and honesty. To that end, I hope that you, the writer, will join me in this venture.

Jonathan E. Bass

Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. I am currently a gardener. I have a small garden behind my house. I love it.

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