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Working with soil is such a pleasure that can’t be compared to anything. Planting a seedling and watching it grow until it yields its beautiful flowers or fruit can only be compared to raising children – it feels you with pride. But fun and satisfying as it is, gardening can also be hazardous. Yes, hazardous. There are many unseen dangers in the soil that range from sharp physical objects to unseen and questionable organisms that negatively affect your health. Besides that, a good pair of gardening gloves like the trusted and ever-popular Fox gloves can help keep your hands from drying out and cracking as you do what you love best.

This basically means for you to enjoy your favorite pastime to the fullest and with peace of mind, you will need to invest in a very good pair of gardening gloves. Let’s briefly look at a few things you need to know before you go ahead and purchase your next pair of garden gloves.

Garden gloves come in different types that determine what you can use them for. This is important to know so as not to compromise your safety by using the wrong type of glove for the wrong type of task.

  • Traditional garden gloves. These are the most common type of garden gloves and are made from waterproof material and have the fingers and palms covered in rubber. Traditional garden gloves are best suited for general gardening tasks such as weeding, potting, and planting. Foxgloves are some of the best gloves in this category for reasons I’ll show you briefly.
  • Leather gloves. Leather gloves are heavy duty gloves are usually used to handle sharp tools and to work in environments that will require extra protection from sharp objects that can be found in the substances you may be working with.
  • Cotton gloves. Cotton gloves are great because they are very breathable, but they don’t offer good protection when dealing with hazardous tools or materials. They are, however, lightweight making them good for handling tools which require dexterity, such as a lawnmower, strimmer, or chainsaw.
  • Rubber gloves. Rubber gardening gloves are very handy when it comes to clearing your garden of debris as they offer enough protection, feeling, and grip. Rubber gloves are also good for tasks that involve handling wet soil, or anything wet, such as pesticides.

Ready to get your garden gloves? Well, not quite yet. We still need to be clear about a few things before we find you the best pair of garden gloves.

The Story Behind Foxgloves – Your Story

white flower and gloves on bucket in the garden

Many people don’t like wearing garden gloves. The reason is very simple and quite understandable – most garden gloves make it difficult to feel what you are doing. And that’s the same frustration Harriet (the designer and creator of Fox Gloves) was going through. Gardening can be quite delicate at times and without tactile gloves, you can end up destroying what you are trying to create.

After failing to find such tactile gloves on the market, like all visionaries, Harriet decided to make the perfect garden gloves. Taking some design elements from dress gloves and combining them with advanced performance fabrics, particularly Invista SUPPLEX® nylon and stretchy Invista LYCRA® elastane. The result was a phenomenal pair of gloves that are durable, form-fitting, extremely comfortable, and above all, allow you to feel exactly what you are doing.

Foxgloves are truly a second skin as many have described them. Let’s take a closer look at what Foxgloves really offer perhaps you too will appreciate them like so many people have been doing since 199 when they were launched.

4 Good Reasons You Should Choose Foxgloves

If you are not yet convinced that Foxgloves are the right glove for you, you will be after you see what these gloves are made of and what they can both do and help you do. Let’s put Foxgloves under a microscope and see why you should get yourself a pair (or 2, they will definitely make a good gift for a fellow gardener).

Foxgloves Original Gloves (Tulip Red, Medium)
  • Water resistant high tech sport fabric provides durability
  • Supplex nylon feels cottony soft but is tough and resilient
  • Lycra elastane provides four way stretch and form fit
  • Breathable knit fabric keeps soil out, hands and nails clean
  • Longer cuff protects wrist from scratches & keeps soil out

1. Made of the Perfect Material for Garden Gloves

One of the biggest determinants of what makes the best garden gloves is the material used in making the gloves. Some gloves are made from materials that make it difficult to even move your fingers, let alone handle sensitive things like seedlings, all in the name of protection of course.

The best thing about Foxgloves is that they are made from a unique material that offers you both protection and sensitivity as well. As for grip and dexterity, well, you won’t find another material to challenge the special nylon used to make Foxgloves in any other gardening glove.

Apart from affording you a snug fit, Foxgloves also breathe as well as cotton making them very comfortable in the hot summer months. Talking about summer (and any other season for that matter), Foxgloves have a 50+ UPF rating, meaning they offer adequate protection from the sun’s rays. Surprising considering that these are some of the thinnest garden gloves on the market. Say goodbye to sweaty palms and sunburnt hands.

The only downside when it comes to the material used in making Foxgloves is that it is water resistant, not waterproof. There is a big difference. Water resistant means the gloves won’t get wet as fast as cotton gloves will, but given enough time in wet conditions, Foxgloves will succumb and the water will start seeping in. but that doesn’t mean you should stop your gardening until your gloves dry out. It’s actually handy to have a couple of pairs of these awesome gloves around for such situations. Believe me, these gloves are worth having the extra pair for the convenience and dexterity they afford you.

When it comes to garden gloves and the materials they are made of, maintenance is a big factor that you need to consider. This is where you will really appreciate the material that Foxgloves are made from as it makes it easy for you to wash and dry your gloves after use. Foxgloves are machine washable and can be dried in a drier but the company recommends line drying. And the best part is that they don’t take long to dry so they won’t start giving off funny smells.

2. Best Fitting Gardening Gloves

woman wearing work gloves while gardening

If you struggle to find garden gloves that fit snugly and comfortably, you’ve just found your Goldilocks gloves. Because of the four-way stretch fabric they are made of, these gloves follow your form to the wrinkle or scar, making them the best fitting gloves you can find. Don’t worry, they won’t be too tight. Like I said, these are Goldilocks gloves, they’ll fit you perfectly.

Another tricky element to incorporate when making gloves that fit well is the cuffs – too lose and debris falls into the glove, too tight and they end up cutting off your blood supply. Foxgloves nailed it on the head in this tricky part of the glove as it, like the glove, accommodates your wrist very well. Tight enough to keep debris out, but not too tight to put pressure on your wrist.

3. Finger Sensitivity is Maintained

One of the most frustrating things about garden gloves is that they cut off your finger’s sensitivity. Handling things ends up becoming guesswork as you can’t really feel what your hands are doing. With Foxgloves, that needn’t be an issue anymore as they are thin enough to afford your fingers the sensitivity you need to do your tasks without having to guess.

Especially when it comes to tasks like planting, weeding, or harvesting, Foxgloves outshine the competition. It’s easy to pick fruit, even those on sensitive plants, pick herbs (some require you go to the roots), and most other general gardening tasks without compromising your sense of touch. After all, one of the joys of gardening is feeling the soil between your fingers, and Foxgloves know that and afford you that pleasure every time you get into your garden.

Still on finger sensitivity, size is one factor that can affect how easily your fingers can feel something through a pair of garden gloves. Foxgloves come in 3 sizes – small, medium, and large. And because of the nature of the material used, they are unisex gloves. In all honesty, these are probably best general purpose garden gloves you can buy as they will feel so comfortable on your skin it will be just as if you are not wearing any gloves.

4. Durability – Good

As with every other tool you use for gardening, Foxgloves don’t last forever. Especially when you consider some of the rough things you put them through, you should probably expect them to fall apart after a short while due to their being thin. But they won’t. Foxgloves are durable enough to see you through many seasons and years of blissful gardening before you retire them. Don’t despise the thin material that makes these gloves, it was engineered to endure some of the roughest conditions.

Foxgloves – Your Hands’ Best Friend

gardening gloves

Foxgloves are not just a tool you use in your garden. They are your hands’ best friend. I say this because they take great care of your hands, offer great comfort, and all the while helping your hands do what they love doing and succeed at it too. Isn’t that what best friends are for? It’s time you got your hands the best friend they have always been longing for.

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