How to Defeat Weeds 101

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Weeds are not necessarily bad plants, just unwanted where they grow. Weeds can be unsightly, and crowd plants out, consuming precious nutrients and moisture. Use the following winning methods to defeat weeds in your yard and garden:

  • Weeds are persistent, so weed regularly.
  • Scuffle tender young garden weeds in hot weather.
  • Remove weeds ideally before they mature and produce seeds
  • Remove unwanted seed pods before seeds are dropped
  • Avoid placing mature weeds in your compost.
  • Turn compost regularly to ensure the compost heats, which destroys most weed seeds.
  • Some weeds like quack grass spread by growing rhyzomes with jointed, adventitious roots . Dig them out completely. Each root section is a potential weed. Avoid separating or chopping weed rhyzomes.

Amanda Dcosta

Amanda writes about botany and plants from the deserts of Oman where summer temperatures climb to 130 Fahrenheit. Amanda has a BSc in Botany and is a co-author of Encyclopedia of Cultivated Plants: From Acacia to Zinnia. Read more articles by Amanda.

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