Finding The Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower: All You Should Know

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If you want a tidy and well-groomed driveway, sidewalk or yard, the walk behind leaf blower would be an excellent tool to include in your yard work collection. Walk behind leaf blowers can aid in clearing anything from your driveway or yard, including debris, dust, and leaves. A majority of these tools have the power to handle a small backyard or large stretches of grassy land. Before we can jump into the benefits of having a leaf blower, let’s first look at what is essential in choosing a leaf blower.

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Attributes to Consider When Choosing a Leaf Blower

Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

The Blower Design: How Comfortable is the Blower to Hold?

A majority of walk behind blowers are designed with a soft-grip handle, made with soft, cushioned material and fixed at a good angle to ease the strain on the hands as you blow leaves off your driveway. The rest of the leaf blower design should also fit your needs. If you intend to use the blower for many different functions, you should look for one that bears adjustable extension tubes. Moreover, the overall size of the walk behind blower, and the ease of carrying it also have a significant influence on your ability to use it.

Almost all power tools, and lawn care machines are no exception, produce vibrations. The more a leaf blower machine vibrates, the more difficult it can be for one to use over a long time. Incorporating anti-vibration technology goes a long way in enhancing comfort and makes a leaf blower easy to maneuver with minimal annoyance. It is advisable to look for blowers with specific features that minimize the number of vibrations the power tool produces.

The Noise Level: Must You Use Ear Protection?

A lot of leaf blowers are just but unavoidably loud, so it’s crucial to select one with the least potential for causing disturbance to people. Although the noise level of most leaf blowers is pretty close to one another, there are a few models that are quieter than others. It is advisable to wear hearing protection when you are exposed to sounds that are louder than 85 decibels. This implies that you will need to wear ear protection when using some of the leaf blowers the market has to offer.

Gas or Electric Powered?

Troy-Bilt TB672 - Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Via Amazon.com

When purchasing a leaf blower, you will need to establish whether you would prefer an electric or gas-powered model since each type bears its strengths and drawbacks. If you go for a gas-powered blower, you’ll have to ensure that you have the mobility and strength to start the engine by using a pull cord since it often requires a hard yank. Additionally, a majority of gas-powered blowers usually consist of a two-stroke engine that requires a mixture of oil and gasoline that you will need to prepare and keep in sight.

If you choose to buy an electric leaf blower, you’ll have to either remember to charge its battery before use (if it is designed with a battery), or in the case of a corded model, find the closest and most convenient electrical outlet that gives you the best access to your driveway or yard. Another aspect you need to take into consideration before you make the purchase is the problem of a cord getting tied up around objects such as shrubs, a sprinkler, etc.


The best leaf blowers in the market offer variable speeds, which lets you set the speed of your blower for the job at hand, usually through a series of numbered knobs near the machine’s handle or by how far you squeeze the handle lever. A vacuum function, though not crucial, can be of great help as well. If your blower comes with a vacuum function, look for vacuum accessories that enable you to perform specific jobs.

Support and Warranty: What if Something Goes Wrong?

An excellent leaf blower should also be backed by excellent service and support. For instance, an instruction manual is essential for any blower since most blowers need some form of assembly. It is a good idea to go for a brand that offers both an online one and a physical copy.

Additionally, a multiple-year warranty is perfect, particularly if you utilize your blower frequently. Some machines, however, come with different home-use and commercial warranties as well.

How Can You Get The Most Out of Your Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower?

The leaf blower machine has become an important investment in gardening equipment. A few decades ago leaf blowers were a novelty item rather than a necessity, but now the importance of this useful device has taken hold in most households. Leaf blowers effectively minimize the amount of time spent on tedious tasks, they aid the home gardener in tidying their yard and can be used in small homes or large corporate landscapes. To get optimum use out of your machine, there are some aspects you must adhere to, and the place to start is before you make the purchase.

How to choose Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

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  • Know the Right Machine for the Job

Many customers fall into the trap of not appreciating that there is more than just a single variety of walk behind leaf blowers. It is therefore important to check around before you buy. The most common leaf blower types are the backpack, handheld petrol, and handheld electric.

  1. A backpack leaf blower is generally designed for the larger garden tasks where you’ll need to clear leaves and debris over a large area. It is usually more potent than its handheld counterparts.
  2. A handheld petrol leaf blower is a great deal smaller. Its exhaust is relatively shorter and is mainly ideal for areas will less leaf downfall. Handheld leaf blowers take more energy than the backpack since you’re always moving the whole machine with your wrist action to target parts of the ground you need to clear.
  3. The handheld electric blower is often viewed to be more useful for the domestic user since it’s much lighter than the petrol-powered model. A significant drawback, however, is that you’re likely to be restricted by the handheld blower cord to the electrical outlet. An answer to this problem is to go for a cordless leaf blower.

Different leaf blower models are designed for different applications so knowing the machine ideal for the job at hand can be a good starting point for optimal results.

  • Maintenance is Key

For most of us, it is straightforward to blame our gardening tools when we are not getting the results we have been looking for. However, the truth is that if you do not look after your gardening equipment, there is a high chance that you will get unsatisfactory results from a machine that just isn’t working as required. Maintenance is particularly essential with a walk behind leaf blower because if the machine comprises a vacuum, you could be drawing in debris and rubbish towards the machine components.

Regularly check the air filter to ascertain that it is clean and not blocked by debris. Oil also makes for an excellent agent for trapping more debris in the filter. Ensure that your spark plug is fully functional since most of them tend to wear out quite fast in two-stroke engine blower models. Moreover, proper storage is essential for taking care of your leaf blower.

Top 4 Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower Reviews 2018

If you are wondering what is the best walk behind leaf blower? We reviewed four of our favorites. Read on to find out which one will best fit your individual needs.

1. Southlands SWB163150E Leaf Blower

Southland Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower OHV Engine

Via Amazon.com


With the Southlands SWB163150E walk behind leaf blower, you can get your yard cleaned in no time. Besides coming pre-assembled, this leaf blower is extremely powerful, fuel efficient and very easy to operate. Having a 163 cc OHV engine, this leaf blower machine guarantees maximum power production for the efficient blowing of all leaves and debris removal. This best walk behind leaf blower also features a balanced fan that provides minimal vibration while its flow adjustment attachments offer extra control over the direction of airflow.

This leaf blower also boasts of a front swivel wheel and two 12-inch rear wheels which make this machine easy to maneuver around any terrain. Whether you’re stressed by a large field full of dried leaves, a car parking lot full of debris, or want to enjoy some backyard cleaning, this walk behind blower offers an excellent, cost-efficient way to get the job done.


  • It makes moving leaves easy and less fatiguing for the homeowner
  • It comes in double boxed for optimal protection
  • This machine beats a backpack blower
  • It is easy to install
  • Offers excellent value for your money


  • Poorly designed
  • Complaints of torn handles
  • It is tedious to change from straightforward air flow to a 90-degree air flow


2. Troy Bilt Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower

Troy-Bilt Sweep Wheeled Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Via Amazon.com


Troy-Bilt machines are widely known for their outstanding performance in a practical yet efficient manner. For optimal functionality, this leaf blower runs on a powerful 208 cc overhead valve engine and blows an air stream at a speed of 150 mph to quickly get rid of leaves and any other debris in your yard or driveway. This machine not only moves easily on its semi-pneumatic wheels but also offers excellent operation comfort with its rubberized grip handles.

For effective job completion, this leaf blower utilizes a 90-degree front discharge chute and a 14-inch high output impeller. With a 1000 CFM airflow volume capacity, this machines ensures proper and perfect air ventilation. This product also comes with a 2-year warranty for you.


  • Easy to start
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Blows away debris with extreme power


  • Complaints that the machine comes with some defects
  • At times the blower outlet must be modified to achieve higher blowing velocities


3. Merry Mac Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower


With the help of the Merry Mac gas blower, you can quickly get to work and clean up your driveways. This gadget features a powerful engine that facilitates powerful airflow up to 150 mph. There are also basic grips that make holding this blower more comfortable and easier to clean up your yard for long periods of time.

Built as an excellent option for an electric blower, this gadget has almost all the features you require to tiny your driveway including the ability to blow out air at 150 mph and a firm extension cord retainer to aid in preventing the device from unplugging or creating knots. If you’re the kind of homeowner who wants a lightweight yet sturdy best walk behind leaf blower, then the Merry Mac Gas blower won’t disappoint you.


  • This leaf blower works well
  • It’s easier to change the chute angle
  • Basic grips make it comfortable to operate
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • Have no batteries included
  • The motor does not feature a vacuuming option

4. Little Wonder 99170-03-01 Leaf Blower

Little Wonder Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Via Amazon.com


If you need to get rid of a significant amount of leaves from your lawn, then the new Little Wonder C5 Leaf Blower is the machine you need. This machine produces enough power all thanks to its Subaru SP170 engine that delivers a staggering 170 cc at a speed of 200 mph for optimal leaf removal. The adjustable discharge nozzle lets you quickly adjust the air stream in any direction during operation. Moreover, the operator’s handle easily folds after leaf clean-up hence little storage space is taken up.

This leaf blower also features excellent operator comfort all thanks to its foam padded handle and adjustable knobs that make for a comfortable operator position. Better yet, the blower’s solid wheels offer better stability and maneuverability over any terrain. This product comes with a 90-day commercial warranty and a two-year residential warranty.


  • The air stream can be adjusted in different directions
  • Great stability and maneuverability
  • Foldable thus occupies less storage space
  • Foam padded handles offer excellent comfort


  • Not quite heavy duty enough


Final Review of the Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

All in all, the winner of this roundup would have to go to the Troy-Bilt TB672 Leaf Blower. This leaf blower is so lightweight that you can use it easily and comfortably to clear your yard. Being a solid leaf blower for everyday use, this machine combines excellent power with a comfortable design. It has a reasonable weight and features a soft-grip handle for you to handle enormous yard cleaning tasks comfortably.

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