Why Zero Turn Mower for Hills is Best Instead of A Lawn Mower in Hilly Terrain?

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Do you have a steep lawn along the hills? Are you worried about mowing it every day? Then here is a post that can help you in this regard and make mowing hills a breeze for you. Have you heard of the zero turn mowers? Chances are high that you have, which is why you are reading this. We intend to provide you all that we can for zero turn mower for hills information. Have a look, as this could actually make it easier for you to comprehend what these power tools are all about. We hope that you will get a proper understanding of the difference between zero turn mower and lawn mowers. In addition, you will also understand why a zero turn mower for hills is better than a lawn mower in a hilly terrain. Yes, there is a big difference between a hilly terrain mower and a normal mower.

What is a Zero Turn Mower?

Are you looking for a zero turn mower? What is a zero turn mower and how does it work? To know the difference you must learn about it in a comprehensive way.

Well, in simple terms, it is a small riding lawn mower that has a turning radius of zero degree and works with hydraulic speed. Okay, now you must be wondering, what is this zero turning radius thing? It means this mower can be turned inside its own trajectory (footprints). Interesting, isn’t it? Much against the popular belief, these days you can find some of these machines in line with budget for homeowners as well. You can get them for residential, commercial and intermediate levels. Not to mention, this has added to their popularity and made them a home name in the recent years.

Difference Between Zero Turn Mower and Lawn Mower

The fact is zero turn as well as tractor mowers can cut grass of a larger area and this makes them efficient. This is why it has become the choice of many homeowners, but there is a lot of difference between the two that a hill slope lawn owner must know.

  • Their controls differ; as a zero turn mower has independent power in the rear wheels that are powered by two handles and are also used for putting a brake on the vehicle
  • These handles make mowing fun as they can cut through hedges, bushes and trim over obstacles, driveways as well as fences quite efficiently
  • The riding type differs and zero turn cutter apparently cuts faster as compared to a lawn tractor
  • Different deck sizes matter, as for lawn mowers it could be up to 54 inches, but zero turn can vary up to 60 inches
  • Lawn mowers are extremely difficult to mow along slopes

5 Effective Ways of Using Zero Turn Mower for Hills

These mowers can speed up to 5 mph which is why they are more resourceful than any other mower by far. If you don’t want to run into trouble while using a zero turn, then you must follow these few pointers to make it unproblematic.

  1. Accurate steering – Remember the rear wheels are used for steering and braking? Use them judiciously while moving up and down a slope. This suggests when you enter a slope, make sure that you know how which way to steer.
  2. Don’t speed – There is no need to speed on a hill as there is a chance of skidding or rolling over all the time. Use a constant speed limit to move up and down like a 4 or may be 5 mph tops. Maintaining a moderate speed lends better traction to the tires and cuts grass safely. It is a win-win kind of a situation.
  3. Prevention is better than cure – Avoid making sharp turns as a sudden momentum can be a good reason for overturning your vehicle anytime. There is no point risking you or the vehicle, which means the best practice, would be to drive slowly and gradually.
  4. No excess weight – Discard any excess baggage of grass before going for fresh mowing. Dead weight can cost you while working on a slope without a doubt. It may cause slippage and possible tip over that is best avoided. Why take that risk with excess weight?
  5. Be careful – Keeping alert will always reap you benefits and some of them are clearly mentioned in this segment. You can keep these in mind and make the most out of your zero turn mower experience.
  • Check on your tires for proper traction
  • You must keep the brakes maintained
  • Mow only when grass is dry
  • Keep the mower in gear when moving down the slopes
  • Do not start, turn or stop on the slopes
  • Avoid mowing near ditches and other embankments

Safety Comes First

Seems like we have covered it all, but there is still one little thing that needs your attention. That is about safety when driving zero turn mowers down and up the hill. In case, you are lawn is located on a hill with 15 degrees or greater slope, then it is highly advisable that you drive it cautiously while moving downhill. Put on your safety belt and use the roll bars as most Best Zero Turn Mower for Your Lawn will have one for protection. These roll bars come very handy in a rollover situation as it protects the driver from getting injured. Again, using a front wheel drive model can decrease the chances of such situations. Nonetheless, it has to be mentioned that steering the wheels accurately and driving the mower slowly along the slopes can assure you safety in due course.

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