Beautifying Your Yard? Hire A Certified Landscaper!

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Trees are an important part of our world: they improve air quality and take in carbon dioxide to provide the air we breathe, plus, they provide us with oxygen, food and shelter. Properly maintained trees and shrubs can provide shade, saving you money on energy costs; they can also add to your property value. In Alberta, where there is such a massive variety of trees and flowers that are only in bloom for a brief time each year, people are absolutely crazy for beautiful flora. Real estate appraisers have confirmed that beautiful landscaping enhances sales appeal. Knowing who to call for tree removal in Edmonton is imperative; trees can make or break a property in the sense that dead, gnarled trees give a piece of land a haunted, undesirable vibe, while a beautiful tree can make it more attractive.

Coniferous trees are unique evergreen trees with seed-bearing cones and are generally easy to prune. However, if they grow too large for your yard, you will probably need professional help at some point to prune or remove the tree in question. Deciduous trees come in all different sizes and colours and are some of the most beautiful trees you can add to your landscape. However, they shed in the fall in cold climates and remain barren through the long winter. Deciduous trees provide a great deal of shade and reduce soil erosion.

It is important to hire a landscaper to take care of your yard and a certified arborist to look after your trees, because they are trained specialists who are experts in their fields. If you are a busy person, hiring a landscaper or arborist to do the work saves you time. Landscapers will bring their own materials to the job so you don’t need to worry about not having what you need. They are also knowledgeable regarding what plants thrive in your particular area and can recommend any number of flowers, shrubs and trees to suit your yard and your personality.


Landscapers and arborists know the process of good planning and design and will ensure your job runs smoothly. It is important to hire an ISA Certified Arborist; since these professionals are required to log 2,000 hours of training and education in vegetation management, they will bring invaluable knowledge and panache to the job. While not strictly necessary, it is certainly beneficial for landscapers to obtain an ISA certification as it increases their reputation and income. If a tree is damaged or diseased you will need a reputable tree removal company – preferably arborists who observe good safety habits and truly understand the science of trees.

If you attempt to personally remove a tree from your property, you may hurt yourself, make a mess of things, or, worst of all, hurt a loved on or an innocent bystander. It is a dangerous liability to hire a contractor that is not licensed, especially if they aren’t insured. If any of the workers become injured while performing the work, you are ultimately responsible for their medical bills. Always make sure your contractor has a valid business license before hiring them to avoid poor practice and potential liability problems.

Hiring a landscaper can prevent pitfalls and help simplify the beautifying of your garden and yard. Many of those who want to landscape their property don’t know where to start, and a landscaper will guide you through the design process and provide a multitude of ideas. You won’t have to worry about project management issues that may arise, since a professional landscaper will handle the project from start to finish.

Jonathan E. Bass

Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. I am currently a gardener. I have a small garden behind my house. I love it.

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