How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Taking Your Garden by Siege

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Are you finding your yard and garden to be seemingly taken over by mosquitoes every year? Or, are you just getting tired of the annoying buzzing sound around your head every few minutes? Fortunately, there are plenty of options to prevent mosquitoes from overtaking your home. Below, are our top seven recommended ways how to prevent mosquitoes from infesting and protect your lawn from these nasty insects

Maintain Your Yard

1. Cut Your Lawn

Since mosquitoes enjoy hanging out in tall grasses, it’s suggested that you regularly cut your lawn to prevent them from taking over your garden. If you have tall weeds around your flowers, make sure they are trimmed or removed or else you’ll be dealing with mosquito-infested vegetation.

2. Get Rid of Yard Debris

Warm, moist areas where you usually dump yard debris can become a nesting ground for mosquitoes. Once you cut your grass, make sure you leave the clippings in a secure a barrel and don’t bring them out until the morning of trash day to get rid of your yard waste. It’s also suggested that you avoid piling up branches, twigs, or leaves, since that can cause more mosquitos to infest your lawn and garden as well. When learning how to prevent mosquitoes from infesting, removing any potential nesting grounds is an absolute must.

Watch Out for Standing Water

3. Remove Standing Water

It’s crucial that you leave no stagnant water anywhere on the outside of your house, such as on toys in your lawn, kid’s pools, empty flowerpots, or garbage containers. Standing water will only attract mosquitoes and turn your yard and garden into a breeding ground for them. Even standing water in something as small as a bottle cap is enough to cause an increase in mosquitoes in your lawn. The best thing you can do is reduce the amount of standing water around your home.

In preventing an infestation of mosquitoes around your lawn, do your best to drain any and all standing water around your yard and keep away from freshwater sources, where there will be mosquitoes. Fortunately, if you have a chlorinated pool with a working filter, mosquitoes won’t go near it.

4. Take Care of Standing Water

If you cannot remove the standing water in your garden, you should know how to take care of it to prevent mosquitoes. If you have a small pond in your yard, you should consider removing algae, since mosquito larvae feed on it and invest in oxygenating plants to keep the waters clear. Anywhere else you may regular standing water, such as bird baths should be changed every week to prevent mosquitos taking over it. You should also consider buying Mosquito Control Rings which can naturally kill mosquito larvae up to one month.

Try Natural Predators

5. Purchase Mosquito-Repelling Plants

This is another great method how to prevent mosquitoes from living in your yard. Fortunately, there are a few types of plants that double as a natural mosquito repeller. For example, invest in citronella candles, since citronella plants have a compound that naturally repels mosquitoes. Also, keep in mind that mosquitoes tend to avoid basil, peppermint, catnip, and lavender.

6. Take Advantage of Natural Predators

Another way to keep mosquitoes from taking over your garden is by using the food chain to your advantage. Mosquitoes have a number of natural predators. By increasing the number of these predators in your yard, you can reduce the number of insects. Two of the most common mosquito predators are bats and swallows. You can encourage these animals to take refuge on your property by installing a shelter like a birdhouse or a bat shelter. You can also attract these animals by leaving out other foods that they enjoy eating, like seeds, nuts, and fruit.


7. Prep the Outdoors

If you are planning on entertaining in your garden, there are a few extra steps you can take for how to prevent mosquitoes. First, you can pretreat your lawn with special bug spray. One such example of this spray is Off!’s Backyard Pretreat. All you need to do is attach the bottle to your house and spray down the area where your guests will be. You can also put up a tent around your patio area. A lot of manufacturers sell tents that come with mosquito net accessories. This will keep out any unwanted insects while you and your friends are enjoying an outdoor meal.

Additionally, you can put out strategic candles or lanterns. Many of these lighting sources are able to deter bugs and mosquitoes. They also offer a bit of mood lighting for your evening. Long lasting citronella candles are a great addition to any outdoor entertaining space. No matter what type of lighting you use, make sure you place each candle or lantern strategically. This will ensure that you are covering the entire area. Many of these items can repel mosquitoes within a 15-inch circumference around the candle. The exact coverage will be listed on the packaging. Be sure to check the coverage area and place them accordingly.

8. Protect Your Home

Even worse than mosquitoes in your garden would be having them in your home. Don’t forget to defend your house against these little pests. You can do so by keeping your doors, windows, and screens closed during the warm months. You should also keep in mind that these bugs are attracted to light. After the sun goes down, keep your outdoor lighting to a minimum to keep these and other bugs away from your property.

In Conclusion

Mosquitoes can take a toll on your garden and on your guests. To keep your plants and your family happy, follow these seven tips for how to prevent mosquitoes. You and all of your guests will be glad that you did. Do you have any tips on how to prevent mosquitoes from taking over a yard? Share your experiences and tips below!


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