How to Kill Mulberry Trees

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Despite the good things it offers, the mulberry tree still comes under fire. People tip over its surface roots. It also produces numerous saplings. Finally, it is a cause of conflicts with neighbors.

Are you caught in such a situation? Sometimes, getting rid of mulberry trees is the best way to settle disputes. Get your tools ready. Here are ways on how to kill mulberry trees.

Use Glyphosate

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Glyphosate is a weed killer or herbicide. It is applied to plant leaves to kill grasses and broadleaf plants.

Materials: Brush, gloves, eye protection, watering can, chainsaw (optional) and shovel.


  • Dig out saplings using the shovel. Remove all the roots. If you leave behind some parts, they might re-grow from these remaining parts.
  • For the bigger trees, the best time to kill them is when they grow foliage. That’s between May and September. Cut the roots with the shovel or the chainsaw. Make gashes first on roots that are difficult to cut.

what is Mulberry tree

As an alternative, cut the base of the tree. This prepares the remaining parts for the chemical application.

  • On the Glyphosate label, there is an instruction on how to prepare the solution. Proceed to prepare it. Put on your gloves. Apply the solution on the roots using the brush. The roots will absorb the solution, killing its cells in the process.

Warning: The chainsaw is a very dangerous tool. For this task and if it is the first time you will be using this tool, you probably need to call someone who has an experience using it.

Drill Holes

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Drilling holes might just do the trick. You do that on an uncut tree or the stump left after cutting the trunk. Use eye protection when operating the saw.

Materials: Hand drill, herbicide, drill bit, paintbrush and gloves.


  • Cut down the tree with the chainsaw. Use the tool for eye protection. If you are not so sure if you can fall the tree without hurting yourself, it may be best to call a tree surgeon to do it for you.
  • Get the paintbrush and paint the top of the stump with your chosen herbicide. With huge stumps, this method might not work effectively. A better alternative is drilling holes.
  • Use the drill to cut through the top. Create holes close to the stump’s edges about ¾-inch deep. Put herbicides into the holes.
  • Remove new growths. Roots that remain alive after treatment will cause new growths. Each time you cut new growths, the roots lose energy. The entire stump eventually dies.

Best Ways To Kill Mulberry Tree

Make a Naked Belt around the Trunk

This is the best way to cut nutrients and water to go up the upper parts of the tree.

Material: a peeler that can cut through the outer rings of the trunk


  • Peel the tree’s skin all around. You will have a naked circle with a width of 10 cm.
  • Continue cutting into that circle, aiming to cut into the “deepest skin”. Stop when you think it feels like it is almost wet on that naked part.
  • The tree will die because of insufficient nutrient supply.
  • If you want to do it without anybody knowing, carve the ring on the part of the trunk near the soil.

Afterwards, put leaves or sand to cover it. (This is if you want to kill your neighbor’s trees without getting yourself into trouble).

Mulberry Tree Killer Products

If you are one of those who don’t want to chainsaw their mulberry trees and if you are looking for more options on chemicals to use just to kill the trees slowly, consider the following products:

For small trees (15 feet and below), use foliar spraying. Use chemicals that the roots will easily absorb. Don’t do this under drought conditions as chemicals may just evaporate into the air. Use glyphosate in the latter part of summer and the early part of fall. Imazapyr is best for midsummer. For early summer and spring, dicamba, picloram, 2,4-D, and triclopyr are recommended.

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For larger trees (with diameter 5 inches and up), you need to do most of the things described above. Make cuts, injections and holes on the trunk or the stump. Apart from the chemicals already mentioned, you can also inject or brush with dichlorprop.

Chemicals that are applied to the soil surface go to the roots with watering or rainfall. Examples of chemicals used in this approach are tebuthiuron, hexazinone and bromacil.

Roots in sewer lines are treated differently. Aside from using an herbicide, a foaming agent is also used. Two examples are metamsodium and dichlobenil, but they are usually used only by licensed applicators.

The purposes for adding a foaming agent are to increase rate of absorption and to ensure maximum contact with all the roots in the sewer line.

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