How to Purchase the perfect Leaf Blower for your Garden or Outdoor Area?

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Getting rid of the fallen leaves, debris, twigs and other dust particles from your garden or any outdoor area like patio, yard, pathways, driveways etc can be challenging. Leaf Blowers are the best choice for getting rid of this messy providing dirt and other particles from your garden.

Now the question is that whether all blowers are performing the action without any block?

The answer is no, It’s important that you choose the right type of leaf blowers for your garden to keep your outdoor place look neat and tidy from these particles, so this guide is going to derive about choosing the right type of leaf blowers that is apt for your garden or outdoor places.

Leaf Blowers Buying Guide

So if you are searching for the leaf blower or vacuum online, you can find hundreds and thousands of models. But how do you choose a one from them? So you need to ask the certain type of question to yourself to grab the right fit leaf blower for your outdoor area.

  • How large your garden is?
  • Are you in need of a leaf blower that can blow out all leaves rapidly?
  • Do you need a powerful leaf blower machine that can cover a large area of your garden?
  • Do you need a vacuum along with the leaf blower to collect all the leaves and other particles?
  • How large should a leaf blower be?

What type of Leaf Blowers do you need?

Once you have the answer to your question, it’s now time to decide on the type of leaf blower you are in need. There are two types namely Corded and Cordless Leaf Blowers, let’s look at them in detail below.

Corded Leaf Blowers

Corded leaf blowers are available in varieties of the model and they are affordable in rate, you can find the parallel blow and vacuum tubes in the low profile and cheapest models. You can change between these parallel blow and as a vacuum within a flick of a switch, when you are converting or using it as a separate activator, there are no chances for blockages and therefore very convenient and user-friendly.

But some disadvantages of these models are the power can be lessened while switching over and also the tubes which come in dual type make them heavy and bulky to carry. These models are hard to use at the nooks, around pots or crannies. So this leaf blower acts as a complicated and time-consuming one.

In short, corded leaf blowers are less in making noise and also one of the comfortable electric blowers to use with the jet of air, this has the capability of keeping the leaves under your control, they are affordable and suits for various types of gardening needs.

Cordless Leaf Blowers

Cordless Leaf blowers are one of the expensive blowers and can be easy to use if you spend more money on the device. This blower comes in smaller and large models, smaller models can be used for cleaning out the leaves from small yards, patios, garden etc. While considering the larger models, they are best for clearing out the larger areas of fallen leaves, debris from the garden and other outdoor areas with more convenience.

These leaf blowers come with the battery type and have enough power to clear out the large area of particles on your outdoor places. In short, corded leaf blowers are best for delicate and precise jobs, they are simple and easy to use and store. They are better in clearing the dust and other fallen leaves from sheds too, best for clearing around the nooks and corners too.

Apart from this, the main type of leaf blowers falls under the above category includes Handheld Leaf Blowers, Backpack Leaf Blowers and Walk behind Leaf Blowers. Each of them is available in corded and cordless types.

Using Leaf Blower At Home

What are the features you need to look for while choosing the Leaf Blower?

Using this leaf blower at your garden or outdoor area can get rid of the autumn leaves or other dust from your patio, yard, driveways etc without much struggle, but it’s essential that you choose the right features within them.

Mulching Blades

It’s important that you buy a leaf blower with mulching blades, there are chances for clogging if you use a vacuum, in this case, a mulching blade can get rid if this clogging or blockages easily and safely. Consider to get them in metal, as they are less likely to break or chip if you are suck up to a stone.

Padded Shoulder Straps and Handles

You need to take of the collecting bag as well as the machine while you are getting rid of the fallen leaves around your outdoor area, so balancing the weight is important, this can be possible with the help of the comfortable shoulder straps which can balance the weight on your shoulders and arms, the handle enables easy carrying of the device in some cases.


In some case of leaf blowers, you need to blow the leaves into the piles. This is possible with the help of the nozzle that is narrow, which makes the blowing easier. They are even capable of controlling the air Jet’s speed with ease.

Collection Bag | Water Resistant

While you are getting a collection bags for collecting the dust and fallen autumn leaves it’s mandatory that you get the one with waterproof material, as you will be able to collect leaves when they are dry. So do not forget to go for the water resistant leaf blower collection bag, if you are going to grab a one for you.

Storage Space

Most of the leaf blowers come small in size and therefore you can store the device in compact places, in some leaf blowers you can find the detachable nozzle for the storage. In larger leaf blowers, get the ones that come with removable parts so that you can remove them and keep it in compact places.

Have you ever used this leaf blower for your outdoor places? What type is your favorite one? Share your experience with us.

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