Super Bright LED Review – Why Choose LED Lights Over Other Lights

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Super Bright Led is a site that specializes in selling LED light bulbs and fixtures. They offer thousands of light bulbs and light fixtures for a variety of end user needs. They are a behemoth of a company that has been developing various forms of LED since the early 2002.

Super Bright LED is a leading online supplier for LEDs and LED products. Claiming to be 100% customer focused, they meticulously test their products to ensure that their lights provide excellent value to their customers. Super Bright LED also provides everything from commercial and industrial lights, to vehicle, home, and landscape projects.

Super Bright LED is a company that sells a wealth of LED lights that can be used in a variety of situations. Because of a large amount of LEDs this business sells, they are able to secure discounts on a variety of LED products.

Super Bright LED also offers Business to Business solutions. With SBL’s business solutions you can receive a personal account manager, project consultation, customized quotes and bids, and product recommendations from professionals at SBL. This is an excellent solution if you need a tailor-made LED lighting solution for your business.

Super Bright Light has exceptional customer service and provides technical help. If you have questions about LED lights that you purchase or need technical help you can go to the following link. Super Bright LED is available at various times of day to assist you with their products.

Super Bright LED also has a generous 30-day return policy that includes free shipping. That is an excellent value for most LED selling companies. You will also be pleased to know that Super Bright LED has a large warehouse that can distribute domestically and internationally. Lastly, offers warranties of 2-years to a lifetime depending on the product that is sold.

Why Choose LED Lights over Other Lights

LED lights are mostly compared to High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. HPS lights produce more Lumens than Kind LED lights. Because they produce more Lumens, HPS lights also require significantly more energy than LED lights. Increased Lumens can also lead to an increase in temperature which makes the area the lights are used in hot and uncomfortable.

The main value proposition of LED lights is that they do not run as hot as HPS lights and do not require as much energy. This can save you more money in the long run as LED lights will last longer than HPS lights.

What Makes Super Bright LED’s products Unique?

Super Bright LED offers a unique value proposition by selling mostly LED lights with a large range of customizability and versatility. In addition to selling LED

A19 LED Bulb

The A19 LED Bulb is one of many LED lights Super Bright LED sells, but it is unique in its own right. This bulb is incredibly versatile usable in the following locations:

  • Cabins
  • Tiny House Trailers
  • Mobile Trailer shops
  • Food trucks
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Off-Grid Low Voltage applications
Bright LED Bulb on white background

The versatility of the A19 is evident by the many applications that it can be plugged into. However, the versatility doesn’t just stop at the number of applications the A19 can connect to, it also has a range of color temperatures that it can be purchased.

The A19 LED Bulb has 3 different color temperatures that you can choose from. The tree color temperatures you can choose from are as listed:

  • Cool 6000K
  • Natural 3900K
  • Warm 3000K

Being able to change the color temperature is important because it helps you set the mood in a space, and can have different effects in different conditions. For example, warm light can help create a comfortable environment for reading. On the other hand, cool light can help you stay alert and focused. This could be useful for driving at night.

The A19 is also uniquely positioned to last longer than regular halogen light bulbs. Being an LED Bulb the A19 can produce more light than most Halogen bulbs at a fraction of the energy required to operate. Using LED light bulbs helps reduce overall energy consumption and promotes a better environment.

Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights with Silver Wire

In addition to selling LED bulbs, Super Bright LED also sells LED lights that can be used as decorations. The Battery powered LED Fairy Lights are exceptionally designed and add a nice touch to a variety of items.

Super Bright LED’s fairy lights can be used on the following types of items:

  • Costumes
  • Ornaments
  • Action Figures
  • Candles
  • Jars
Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights with Silver Wire

The options you can use these lights with are nearly limitless making, these fairy lights an excellent addition to any DIY project requiring lights that you may have. The silver wire can even be bent to better allow the lights to coil or twist around the shapes they need to.

Further adding to customization, Super Bright LED lights allow you to customize the color of the fairy lights. You can purchase the fairy lights in red, green, blue, yellow, warm white, cool white, and multi-color. These lights can be turned on and off via the off switch that is provided with the fairy lights.

One of the last factors that makes these fairy lights unique is that they are waterproof. You would have to find a way to cover the battery pack as it specifically is not waterproof. This means you could place this outdoors in a lamp post, or on your mailbox.


Super Bright Lights is a very affordable site that sells most LED lights at a discount.

A19 LED Bulb

You can purchase the A19 LED light bulb by itself for $9.95 from Super Bright LEDs. You can also purchase the A19 LED light bulb in a pack of 6 for a total of $56.95.

Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights with Silver Wire

You can purchase the Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights in two different sizes. The silver wire can be purchased at a length of 13.75 feet or 32.8 feet. The prices are as follows:

  • 13.76 feet = $5.95
  • 32.8 feet = $4.95

As you can see from the pricing, Super Bright LEDs is not a very expensive service. They offer the ability to bundle LED light purchases simply, and provide quality materials.

Public Perception of Super Bright LEDs

The public perception of Super Bright LEDs is most positive siting the search tool on the company’s website to be of great benefit. The search tool allows customers to search very specific product numbers, or bulb types to find the LED light they are looking for.

The level of customization Super Bright LEDs provides is also another point of joy for customers and reviewers. Some sites only sell bulbs as is, but the ability for Super Bright LEDs to allow for customized LEDs makes a world of difference for folks looking to buy LEDs.

A complaint that some reviewers have is that some bulbs seem like they may have been refurbished.

How Super Bright LEDs compares to other LED Sellers

There are a number of companies and services that sell LED lights and bulbs. For example, LED lighting Inc. sells tape light, versa bars, and even T8 tubes. Most LED sites sell the same variation of LED lights. However, there are a few LED sites that sell LEDs for specific uses.

1000 Bulbs

1000 Bulbs is a company that sells various kinds of lights. From selling Flood lights, light bulbs, and Rope Lights to LED lights, 1000 Bulbs provides a large range of lights to choose from. The selection of lights 1000 Bulbs sells somewhat matches Super Bright LED.

For example, 1000 Bulbs has an A19 LED bulb listed for sale that is essentially identical to the one for sale by Super Bright LEDs. However, 1000 Bulbs provides a different form of customization for their LED lights. On 1000 Bulb the user buyer can choose from a variety of colors for the outside of the A19 bulb. In addition, the LED light’s color temperature can be customized.

While 1000 Bulbs offers more color customization options, it offers less customization options in terms of packaging. 1000 Bulbs only allows you to purchase LED lights in single quantities, and does not provide a discount for purchasing a pack as opposed to a single LED. If you need to buy LED lights in large quantities, we could not recommend this site over Super Bright LED as it would be more expensive.

Lastly, when it comes to overall website design we have to recommend Super Bright LED over 1000 Bulbs. While 1000 Bulbs offers a wealth of customization options, its user interface is harder to use. Product pages for LED lights are bloated and filled with information that is not properly spaced.

KIND LED Grow Lights

Depending on your needs you may be looking for a site that can sell you LED lights useful for growing different forms of plants. KIND LED lights are unique because they offer an efficient balance of Lumens, PAR, and a wide spectrum of light. These lights are created to be as energy efficient as possible in order to promote plant and vegetation growth.

KIND LED is unique because it is one of the only sites that breaks down each product it has in a concise easy to read fashion. We recommend this service if you are looking for a specific set of LED lights useful for growing plants.

What We Think

We think Super Bright LEDs is an excellent company that provides a clean interface to purchase large quantities of LED lights. When looking at its competitors we were surprised to see just how bloated many of the LED light services were. We appreciate Super Bright LEDs user friendly search functionality, and the manner in which they display their products.

When it comes to selecting LED lights, Super Bright LEDs provides enough information about each product and the different ways it can be customized. The very specific order form on the bottom of each product page allows you to see the exact model number of the product that you are looking to buy, down to its specific specification. This model number makes buying customized LED lights simple.

The warranties that Super Bright LEDs provides on all of their bulbs is also a welcome feature. Sometimes user error can lead to burned out bulbs, or fried circuits. If this happens to your LED light you can get it replaced under a new warranty. We would definitely recommend you check the terms and conditions under the warranty to make sure you know the extent of what is covered.

Coupons and Deals

In addition to the low prices Super Bright LED offers on LED lights, they also offer discounts. Because Super Bright LED is a large LED supplier they can offer large discounts when LED lights are purchased in bulk. Bulk pricing works by splitting up discounts into 5 ranges based on price. The ranges are as follows:

  • 1: Item is < $1
  • 2: Item is between $1 and $9.99
  • 3: Item is between $10.00 and $49.99
  • 4: Item is between $50 and $199.99
  • 5: Item is $200 or greater

These price ranges then have 4 different tiers that are based on the quantity that you buy that item in. For example, if you purchase an item for $200 or more in a quantity of 25 or more you can receive a 25% discount.

If you purchase an item that is Less than $1 in a quantity of 5000 or more you can also receive a 25% discount.


Super Bright LED is a company that prides itself on selling quality LEDs that are highly customizable at a reasonable price. They have a wealth of lights to choose from, and a user interface that makes searching for LEDs simple.

The ability to purchase LED lights in bulk at a discount is a major factor that helps Super Bright LED surpass its competition. It is easy for us to recommend Super Bright LEDs for all of your LED needs.

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