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Cutco is a name well known in kitchens and the kitchen industry all around the world. Their cutlery is a must have, a product that is highly rated, and they're a brand name everyone has heard of at least sometime in their life. But, their knives aren't the only products you should consider owning. Cutco scissors are as sturdy and sharp as their cutlery, and people can't say enough good things about the Cutco scissors online. They are super after all.


  • America's #1 brand in quality cutlery for over 50 years
  • scissors don't get dull and holds up well
  • highest quality and last for a long time


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About the Cutco Scissors Company

Cutco has been in business since 1949, according to their website. Now they are the largest manufacturer of kitchen knives, shears, and other kitchen items, in the US and Canada. The company is located in Olean, New York. Over the years, Cutco has worked to create products that are easy to use and get the job done well. It shows that they know what they're doing, being such a large manufacturer of Cutco scissors and so well known.

The Cutco Scissors

You can buy the much loved Super Shears alone or in gift sets. In the gift sets, you get the Super Shears combined with your choice of Spatula Spreader or Trimmer. Before you make a purchase, let's talk about all fo the reason you might want to pay these shears over any of the other comparable options out there.

People that have used the Cutco scissors claim they've never used anything better. Here are some of the things these shears offer.

1. Forever Guarantee

Cutco has created its products with the idea that they would be passed down through generations for years to come. Because of this ideal, they fully stand behind their products. Their knives and the Super Shears offer the “Forever Guarantee.” That means that if you're unhappy with how your product is working they'll take care of it. It doesn't matter if you're the first owner or the fourth, or even the tenth.

Not many companies make guarantees that last forever. At most, you can usually only hope for a few years, or maybe your lifetime. With a company that stands behind the performance, not just the manufacturing of their products, you can be sure you're investing in something great. Especially when they say they back it forever.

2. American-Made Products

Cutco sells American-made products, employs American workers, and strives to be a company American can look up to, and look to when they're in need of items for their kitchen. If you prefer investing your money in companies that are made in the USA, then this is definitely one of your best options when it comes to your kitchen shears.

3. Comfort

The Super Shears are created so that they can be used by lefties and righties, and they are just as comfortable to use with small hands as they are in big hands. The comfort handle on these scissors has an ergonomic design, so it's not just comfortable, but it also helps reduce hand fatigue when you're doing a lot of cutting. It doesn't matter if you're using these scissors in the kitchen or your craft room. The comfort and less fatigue make them popular in professional settings as well.

4. Multi-Use

Speaking of crafting and of little hands, these aren't scissors made just for kitchen use. They are durable for whatever project you need them for. You can use the durable blades on these shears to cut boxes, material, food items, and more. They even make great garden shears. They work for everything (just clean them between uses). Or, you could invest in more than one pair. While they are pricey, with that endless guarantee, you can be assured that they'll last forever and keep working amazingly the entire time.

You can even let the kids use them, under your supervision of course. These are not safety scissors, and they are made to cut tough objects, so they can cut little fingers.

5. Durability

The durability of these shears doesn't just show in how comfortable they are or how well they cut all the things you need them to cut. It also shows in the fact that you can use them over and over and they won't show any signs of wear or giving up. They don't break and they just keep cutting and cutting. They are the energizer bunny of scissor

6. Options

Aside from being able to buy these scissors on their own or in a gift set, you also get to choose between a couple of different handle colors. They are available in both black and white. If you're using the scissors for lots of messy projects, black might be the better choice.

7. Easy Cleaning

The two halves of these scissors are held together by a bolt. You simply open them up and release the bolt, and you're able to clean into all the nooks and crannies. There is no reason to worry about going from cutting that raw chicken in the kitchen to letting your child use these scissors for their science fair project with such easy cleaning.

8. Heavy Duty Blades

Equipped with heavy-duty blades, these scissors will cut through almost anything. While some reviews of this product claim they cut through coins, the manufacturer suggests not using them for wire cutting, so you probably shouldn't cut coins with them either. Plus, destroying American currency might be against the law.

A Look at Reviews on Amazon On Cutco Scissors

Every 5-star review you come across praises these scissors as being the best things ever created for cutting stuff. People love them, they love the guarantee, and they love the versatility. They are said to last forever, but you're warned not to lose them. Once you use these scissors, according to other reviewers, you'd be lost without them.

From people that work in professional kitchens to people that just like to cook at home, these scissors are their number one choice. While there are some negative reviews on Amazon, these seem to be from people dissatisfied with things that have no direct relevance to the product. They're complaining about things like shipping costs or the fact that they didn't properly care for the shears and they rusted (even knives that claim not to rust still need to be properly dried promptly if they're going to stay like-new).

6 Comparable Shears from Around the World

If you're not sold on the fact that these are the best shears ever, or you're frightened off by the few negative reviews on Amazon, maybe you'll want to take a look at some of the comparable shears available out there. Here are some of the best scissors, that fall in line behind the Cutco scissors, of course.

1. Shun Kitchen Shears

shun kitchen shears vs cutco scissors

Shun Kitchen Shears are professional grade shears that have 4” blades. They come apart so that they are easy to clean, which is extremely important when being used in a kitchen setting. They are made with VG-10 super steel. This material gives them a precise cut. They also offer one micro-serrated edge, great for cutting meat and keeping things in place while cutting.

These shears also offer comfort when it comes to the handles. However, they are made only for right-hand usage. These shears are made in Japan. You can purchase them for $80 on Amazon.

2. Kershaw Taskmasters

kershaw shears vs cutco scissors

The Taskmasters are made from stainless steel. They also have 4” blades and are made in Japan. They too come apart for easy cleaning and sharpening. These, unlike the Shun shears, are balanced to be used for both right and left-handed individuals.

They have a combination of one serrated edge and one straight edge. The Taskmasters are made to cut through tough to cut items. They also have a handy bottle opener, screwdriver tips, and jar openers, making them multi-functional.  The non-slip handles are not ergonomic, but they do stay where you want them. They run for a low $35 on Amazon.

3. Victorinox

cutco scissors vs victorino shears

Victorinox offers another set of 4” bladed shears, coming from Germany this time. They are made from high-quality stainless steel. They are heavy duty shears that have tempered blades. No matter how often you sharpen them, they'll still perform beautifully.

Like the Super Shears, these have comfortable ergonomically designed handles and are made for use with either hand. They come apart for easy cleaning. You can get your fingers into a pair of these for only $17 on Amazon.

4. Lamonsharp

cutco scissors vs lamonsharp shears

Lamson has created a sleek designed pair of shears with the Lamonsharp. They are made for high-carbon stainless steel that has been polished. The handles and blades are all one piece, offering strength and durability. However, this means they don't offer the soft, comfortable, ergonomic handle style of some of the other shears that are available.

The bottom blade is serrated. Each blade has a slight curve inward that is meant to help these sheers cut more precisely. The Lamonsharp also has 4” blades. They can cut through a large variety of materials, making them multi-functional outside of the kitchen as well. These are right-handed use only and must be hand washed. Made in China, you can get these shears on Amazon for about $30.

5. Wusthof Come-Apart Shears

cutco scissors vs Wüsthof Come-Apart kitchen shears

Wusthof is a company from China that has been manufacturing knives since 1814. They have a reputation for creating high-quality products, and their shears are no exception to the rule. As the name suggests, these Come-Apart Shears come apart for ease in cleaning and sharpening. They are made with symmetrical handles, which allows for use by both right and left-handed folks.

The serrated edge on one side helps these scissors grip what you're cutting, for a precise cut, and no slipping. The handles are made from synthetic material that offers a slip-free grasp even with wet hands, perfect for use in any kitchen. They also come with teeth on the inner handles, made for opening bottles and jars. You can grab a pair of these shears from Amazon, for only $20.

6. Miyabi

miyabi shears vs cutco scissors

Miyabi is part of the Zwilling J.A. Henckles Company. The Miyabi brand shears are made of stainless steel. Like the rest of the shears above, they have micro-serrated edges to help with grip and better cutting. These scissors cut anything, so they will work outside the kitchen too. Can't get in a package? Grab these shears.

The handles are made to be comfortable, and they are equal sizes, so they can be used with the right or left hand. Like some of the other options already mentioned, these shears also have jar and bottle openers. These are shears that are made the same as traditional Japanese swords, so you can expect them to be sharp. These scissors need to be hand washed and dried immediately for longer life. You can buy a pair of these shears on Amazon for around $45.

Final Thoughts on Cutco Scissors

When it comes to multi-functional shears made in America, Cutco scissors is the best option. The Super Shears are a pair of the most versatile scissors ever created. While the price of these shears is pretty high, anywhere from around $130 to $190, depending on where you buy them from, you can be sure you're getting what you pay for.  What you're paying for includes that Forever Guarantee, not offered by the other companies mentioned in this review (and why would that at such low costs- it would be cheap just to buy another pair).



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