Top Valentine’s Day Garden Gifts for Plant Lovers


Across the globe, people have been spending more time in the garden as a response to COVID-19 and social isolation. If your spouse or significant has caught the gardening bug, you may be thinking about getting them some garden gifts for Valentine’s Day.

The selection isn’t limited to garden gloves only. Fortunately, there is a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to choosing something worthwhile for that nature lover.

It can be a challenge to find the perfect garden gifts for someone who spends most of their time watering the houseplants. That’s especially true if you have little knowledge about gardening tools, accessories, and other essentials.

However, you’ll be able to make a wise decision once you read up about some garden gifts.

12 Garden Gifts That Are Worth Buying

From home décor to garden tools to growing kits, there are tons of options to please that avid gardener. You can choose the gifts based on the personality of the receiver. Let’s have a look at each of these garden gifts.

vanow Gardening Tool Set

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If your wife or girlfriend is new to gardening and you want to show your appreciation for their new hobby, the vanow toolset will help them grow some amazing plants.

What’s appealing about this beautiful gift is its floral print that’s vibrant enough to motivate any newbie to showcase their gardening skills.

The vanow toolset consists of five hand tools including a hand rake, shovel, weeder, pruning shears, and cultivator. These tools will meet their basic gardening needs such as loosening soil, weeding, digging, and transplanting.

It’s one of the garden gifts that also help the user stay organized as each of the gardening tools have a hanging hole on their handle for easy storage.

Plus, the ergonomically-engineered design of the set enables the user to take care of the soil and plants without having hand or arm fatigue.

Environet Vegetable Garden Kit

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Ever thought of growing those nutritious greens indoors? Well, that aspiring gardener in your life might be dreaming about it right now! If your partner has the passion, you can make them smile by presenting an Environet vegetable garden kit to them.

People who love gardening are equally fascinated by the thought of seeing herbs and veggies growing little by little every single day right in their kitchen.

This kit will let them do exactly that as it comes with five seed bags (including kale, red amaranth, lettuce, chard, and mustard mizuna), five planting wafers made of coconut coir, five coconut coir pots, and five plant markers made of wood.

The best thing about the kit is that it also includes a manual with basic planting instructions. That’s because there’s no gardening experience required, which makes it ideal for beginners.

Dawhud Direct Birdhouse

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A garden is incomplete without welcoming wildlife, and that requires the right décor items. If your gardener has recently set up their garden, now is the right time to get them the Dawhud Direct birdhouse.

It will be a perfect gift for someone who loves birds as much as their blooming flowers. Manufactured with polyresin, the birdhouse is a hand-painted gift. Its brilliantly-crafted design reflects the artwork while the painted butterfly and sunflowers add color to the birdhouse.

Since it comes as a fully-assembled piece, the receiver of the gift wouldn’t have to be concerned about adding any hardware to it.

It comes with an attached jute cord that will help them hang it nearby or inside the garden. Its removable plug ensures that the birdhouse can be cleaned easily.

My Gardening Journal by the Editors of Quiet Fox Designs

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From preparing the soil to harvesting the fruits, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to growing and managing a garden at home. Even if your loved one has been into gardening for quite some time now, they might be interested in growing a new species of plants.

That’s when My Gardening Journal by the Editors of Quiet Fox Designs can help them. It’s a gardening journal that will enable them to organize their horticultural life.

Tactfully designed for a true gardener, the journal contains 160 pages including garden layout, plant history, compost bin record, goals for the year, and index.

That way, the user can maintain a record of soil chemistry, plantings, fertilizing, watering needs, weather situation, and a lot more. It also helps them track the individual performance of a variety of crops.

They can carry it anywhere as its compact size will enable them to even keep it in their gardening bag.

Pruning Shears by Garden Elite

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Surprise your significant other with something that will remind them of you for years. We’re talking about Pruning Shears by Garden Elite.

Designed as a one-time investment tool, the ergonomics, reliability, and durability of these pruning shears will last for a long time. That’s because of its handle and the razor-sharp blade that’s rust-resistant and corrosion-free.

Manufactured to provide convenience and comfort to the hardworking gardener, it comprises SK5 steel that allows optimum cutting and fast results.

Plus, the ergonomic grip will help to smoothly cut flowers, plants, hedges, branches, and roots without taking a lot of time. The rubber handle ensures a non-slip experience.

Since professional gardeners have tested these shears, you’ll never regret the decision to choose these as one of the best garden gifts.

HOMENOTE Bamboo Plant Labels

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Want to choose garden gifts for someone more into growing a variety of plants all at once? HOMENOTE bamboo plant labels are the way to go for someone who wants the world to know about their newly planted herbs.

We love the fact that these little bamboo plant labels come with a marker pen, which makes the purchase worthwhile. Besides, you’ll get 60 labels.

Each of the plant labels has adequate space, which means that the receiver of the gift can write more than just the plant’s name on it: some options include the scientific name of the plant, the date when it was planted, and how frequently the plant needs watering.

These cute bamboo labels can be easily inserted into the dirt. However, the gift is ideal for indoor use.

Garden Stool and Kneeler by LUCKYERMORE

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If your nature lover spends hours in their garden and often forgets to give their legs a rest, you should get the dual-purpose garden stool and kneeler by LUCKYERMORE for them.

No matter how passionate your significant other is about growing the perfect plants, gardening chores can wreak havoc on their knees and back. That’s when this garden stool comes to the rescue.

The garden stool and kneeler by LUCKYERMORE consists of foam padding that’s made of soft EVA. It enables the gardener to kneel comfortably while pruning their favorite flowers.

After turning it over, the gift will transform into a comfortable stool that will help them perform their daily gardening tasks. Or better yet, just sit back with a beverage and enjoy the beauty of all their hard work.

Its lightweight design allows easy mobility while the folding feature enables maximum storage. The steel frame provides support for the arms and helps the gardener kneel and get up with ease.

HISEA Unisex Garden Shoes

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Dedicated gardeners are never afraid to get their feet wet. Still, they deserve garden gifts that can protect their feet from dirt and mud. HISEA garden shoes are a great option for such buddies.

Specifically designed for adventurers, these shoes are 100% waterproof. Made of rubber overlays and 5 mm neoprene, HISEA shoes will provide insulation to the wearer and block the moisture. That will keep the feet warm and dry.

The comfortable material allows the gardener to just slip on the shoes and get back to watering the plants. The anti-slip and durable outsoles offer extra traction. The wearer of these shoes will also get additional protection to the toe and heel areas.


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Something whimsical goes a long way when it comes to pleasing that dear family member or friend. Every time your loved one will see the MYOSPARK keychain, they’ll smile.

Filled with thoughtfulness, the message written on the keychain handle will be enough for the receiver of the gift to feel good about themselves.

It can be a wonderful gift for those who have a close relationship with their plants – seeing their plants grow is their ultimate goal!

Packed in a velvet bag, the keychain consists of an elegant design. The material is stainless steel and is durable.

Plant Grow Light by VOGEK

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Does your gardening enthusiast live in a house that receives little to no sunlight? Are they struggling to provide ample light to those newly grown seedlings in time for planting out in spring?

If yes, the plant grow light by VOGEK can do wonders to help prevent their frustration. Even indoor plants require a specific amount of light to survive.

The grow light provides the on/off feature and restarts automatically. It’s also perfect for someone who doesn’t prefer the manual operation of grow lights.

Unlike regular light bulbs, the VOGEK plant grow light is specifically designed for the maintenance and growth of houseplants.

Manufactured with 144LED beads, the grow light offers uniformity of light to the plants. The best thing about the light is that its bulbs are replaceable. The user can also move the position of the light.

Terracotta Clay Pots by Bright starl

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If your gardener friend is fond of experimenting with their gardening skills on new plants, they’d never say “no” to terracotta clay pots by Bright starl. It’s true that you can never have too many.

These mini clay pots come as a package consisting of 24 pieces – ideal for setting up a new nursery of plants that will be easy to maintain. Durable and lightweight, these pots have a drain hole at the bottom to keep the soil drained.

Though the receiver of the gift will have to fill them up with the right soil and plants, the smooth texture of the pots will make them happy.

The store promises a 100% guarantee and will send a new set of these terracotta mini pots just in case any of the pots come damaged due to transportation.

So, What Are the Best Garden Gifts for Your Gardener?

While there are a variety of garden gifts to choose from, what matters is how you pick a gift. You also need to ensure that the receiver will love it.

It might be that your loved one prefers gathering useful tools and equipment to fill up their garden storage boxes. In that case, the pruning shears by Garden Elite or Grampa’s Weeder will be their friends for life!

If you want to choose something for that gardening fanatic who is waiting for someone to tell them that they do have that spark to help nourish beautiful flowers, the MYOSPARK Plant Whisperer Keychain will make them happy.

It all depends on how you read the gift receiver’s mind. So, what do you think should be the best gift for that special someone? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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